The online platform will provide you with the best keywords to position your pages at the top of search results and help you create more relevant and attractive content. If you don’t know yourtext guru yet, here is a detailed presentation of a tool that will revolutionize your seo! Are you looking to write fivshes p easily find a professional copywriter on order texts thousands of freelance writers are available to answer you what is yourtext guru? Yourtextguru seo tool yourtext guru is a tool designed to be a guide to content writing . It is mainly intended for seo professionals: editorial agencies, editors and web editors, webmasters, etc. But also for entrepreneurs who own an e-commerce site or a showcase site. The seo analysis tool will allow you to write relevant texts for your readers and win places in the serp.

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But to fully understand the advantages of the online tool, let’s start with a focus on how search engines work. What are the criteria for a Venezuela Phone Number List good seo referencing? To be able to rank the billions of web pages, search engines rely on different seo criteria. Just to be well positioned in google, your content must meet more than 200 indexing criteria! We won’t go into details, but three main seo axes stand out: technical optimization: page loading speed, ux design, 404 error, etc. Off-site seo: backlinks, e-reputation, social links… on-site seo: relevance of keywords, quality of content, semantic field, internal linking, etc. It is on this last point that yourtext guru intervenes by helping you to. Write quality content and to use the right terms for your organic referencing.

Venezuela Phone Number List

Semantic analysis of your texts

What is quality content for google Google is very demanding on the quality of the sites it indexes and if your website does not meet its quality AGB Directory guidelines, it is the immediate sanction: either you risk a simple penalty (but very disabling) such as a drop in your positioning in google results. Either your pages are de-indexed and disappear from search results. Or worse, your entire site gets blacklisted and disappears from the serp altogether. Although the penalties are not irreversible, they have a strong impact on your notoriety. So, a piece of advice: avoid arousing the attention of the algorithms of the panda and penguin filters as much as possible! To do this, make sure that your site meets these different criteria: be useful, instructive or informative. Credible information, that is to say verified and sourced.

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