You can split this data using the Segment tool and then selecting Network (with Search Partners) at. South Korea Phone Number. the ad group and campaign level: network search partners As shown below, I applied a split between Search and Google Search Partners at the campaign level. As you can see, ads served on Search Network partner sites have a much lower CTR and click conversion rate, as well as a higher cost. South Korea Phone Number. per converted click: KPIs research partners If your campaigns are driving low conversion rates, separating search partner data is a good place to start. Sometimes your ads will appear on sites in the Search Partner

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Network which will generate a low conversion rate and therefore skew your overall campaign performance. South Korea Phone Number.  Along with converted clicks, it’s also important to keep a close eye on the CTRs of ads served on search partner sites. Google does state that ads shown on search partner sites will not affect your keyword Quality Score, which means that your average CPC will not be affected by South Korea Phone Numbers low search partner click-through rates. Despite this, low search partner ad CTRs will still have a big impact on your overall campaign performance by skewing your data.

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To get a clear picture of how all your campaigns and keywords are performing on Google Ads. South Korea Phone Number list.  search partner sites, select the Campaign-level Keywords tab and download your Google Ads data to a .CSV file: search partners csv This will allow you to manipulate the data in Excel, giving you a much clearer view of how each of your.  keywords is performing on Google Search and on search partner sites. How to manage research partners We have collected and analyzed Google Ads campaign data from our clients’ accounts over the past 12 months. At first glance, the results painted a rather bleak picture of Google’s search partners.

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