Use Google Shopping Insights to understand where people have the biggest need for your product. Screenshot showing search trends on a US map It will also give Jordan Phone Number you the search volume (or interest). Trend over time of your product and provide demographics Jordan Phone Number for each city, which you can also use for paid campaigns. Say you want to create an AdWords campaign to sell vacuum cleaners. You could see from the Google Shopping Insights map above that your campaign should target users with zip

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Codes around New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Dallas. Screenshot showing demographic data for Chicago The different needs and questions people Jordan Phone Number have of a product are not always clear. Before the keyword research – but they should be Jordan Phone Number after. Map the keywords to the user journey. A user journey can give you clarity on all kinds of business questions. In SEO, it gives you a roadmap for content creation when you start out and a guide to fill gaps. In the content when you’re already further down the road.

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The stages of the user journey are: Jordan Phone Number Problem awareness (user realizes a need). Solution awareness (user finds the solution to the need). Solution comparison (user compares different solutions) Decision (user buys a product) Implementation (user uses the Jordan Phone Number product). After sales (user has used the product and now has questions or problems) Problem awareness is difficult to address with SEO because you cannot create demand with a pull marketing channel like SEO to make people aware of a problem.

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