What is WP Rocket? How does this extension work? Where can we find it? WP Rocket is a premium cache plugin that was created in 2013 by Jonathan Buttigieg and Jean- Baptiste Marchant-Arvier . Frustrated with the quality and UX (User Experience) of wordpress plugins, these two webmasters looking for the best performance for their web pages have decided to develop the now world famous extension. User experience, User eXperience: the 10 commandments for a successful website The WP Rocket plugin quickly caught on. As early as 2014, it was recommended by wordpress experts and developers and the extension was already establishing itself as a benchmark caching tool .

As of this writing, WP Rocket is: a team of 9 people located all over the world (France, Canada, Serbia, Greece, USA, etc.), customers from Jamaican Email Addresses over 100 countries, nearly 1,250,000 sites optimized thanks to the plugin, over 145,000 satisfied customers. In France, many companies use this plugin. Although the tool is chargeable, its ability to speed up the loading of web pages is undeniable . Among the many caching extensions that exist, our SEO agency has decided to entrust the optimization of the loading time of its pages to WP Rocket. A slow website is a site that doesn’t convert . There are many reasons why a site takes a long time to load. Often, the slowness comes from the hosting which is done on a shared server rather than a dedicated server.

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WP Rocket: the plugin that optimizes the performance of your site

It can also come from a heavy wordpress theme or from JavaScript or CSS files that must be compressed. Sometimes it even happens that it is a bandwidth issue on your end! So, in concrete terms, what is WP Rocket doing to minimize page load time? How WP Rocket works WP Rocket optimizes the performance of a website and accelerates their response time. wp rocket loading timeMeasurement of loading time on the AntheDesign site The loading speed is a parameter that you absolutely must take into account in the list of optimizations to make to your website.

Although its influence on your SEO is minimal, it has an immediate impact on the user experience . Indeed, the bounce rate of a site that loads in more than 5 seconds is twice as high as for a site that loads in 1 second. What is the bounce rate? The speed of loading is crucial to increase the conversion rate of your site. To do this, the WP Rocket plugin shortens the response time of the URL to which the user goes. To reduce the loading time of your pages, the extension intervenes on more than 20 parameters . Among them, we find: the Lazy Load, GZIP compression of CSS files, HTML code, JS, the optimization of the database, the possibility of using a CDN (Cloud Delivery Network), reduction of DNS resolution time , caching of files and its preloading, browser caching, etc.

How does WP Rocket affect your site’s page load speed?

With the many features offered by the caching tool, you are guaranteed to improve the performance of the sites on which you will integrate the plugin. How do you know if its use has improved the loading time of the pages on your site? Once the wordpress plugin is installed and configured, the changes are effective. However, you can use tools to check your site speed optimization. Google Page Speed ​​insight and GTMetrix are the two most famous tools for testing and improving your website. To learn more about the response speed of your pages and the improvements made by the WP Rocket plugin, all you have to do is enter your URL in the dedicated field.

Therefore, these tools perform an analysis of the speed of your site. Once your page has been analyzed, you are assigned an overall rating (between 0 and 100 for Google Page Speed ​​and between 0 and 100% for GTMetrix) and you are informed of the blocking points on which you must work. GTMetrix, and Google Page Speed ​​Insight are great tools for assessing the speed of your site . Why choose WP Rocket? On WordPress, there are a large number of plugins for caching your files and browsers. The most famous being W3 Cache, WP Super cache and, of course, WP Rocket . Although, unlike these two main competitors, WP Rocket does come with a fee, its ability to reduce load times and improve the speed of the site it’s installed on makes it stand out.

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