Submit relevant content The content that you are going to offer to your readers is of the utmost importance . It should be concise and provide as much information as possible on the topics covered . The Google robot “reads” your Maldives Email List article and determines if it is complete enough . The content should always be of high quality and, if possible, reach 1000 words . Sentences should be short and non-repetitive. So you can be sure that this one will have a higher chance of being referenced . Not much is said about it, but the waterline of a page is of great importance in SEO . In fact, under this virtual line, is all the content that does not appear on the screen when loading . It is therefore important to capture the attention of your readers from the first lines .

A visitor who does not go below the waterline would automatically increase the bounce rate , which is disastrous for a site’s SEO. Boost your SEO: trust social networks Finally, if the sharing itself is not taken into account for Google SEO , there is still an important point to boost your article. Indeed, disseminating his article on social networks can increase the number of visits . Thus, it will be possible to easily increase your traffic and promote your niche . By following all of these tips, your site should quickly jump on Google . Maintaining each setting will give you the opportunity to actively place yourself on the SERP and stabilize in a high position . Good visibility will attract visitors who can then be turned into customers . Finally, share your article on your social networks and ask the editor to do the same.

Maldives Email List

Optimize it for mobile browsing

Your readers are then aware of the new content and benefit from your guest’s writing skills. In short Guest blogging is a quick and easy way to get quality articles on your site in exchange for a little publicity for the editor. Thanks to these texts, you will be able to benefit from many new visitors who will in turn attract other visitors. A significant traffic boost for a minimum of effort. This one will be able to help you in your steps of migration of site. The block of local results displayed by Google can be: implicit (the search is local, example: French pastry chef), or explicit (presence of a partial or complete address, example: Venice restaurant). Classified by search engines according to different factors, SERPs can change depending on the search algorithms performed.

In order to avoid spam, search engines like Google do not disclose their algorithms. Websites can react in order to appear in SERP 1, and even among the first three links of this first page. To achieve this, just follow Google’s instructions on best SEO practices. SEO is one of the ways that you can put the odds on your side. And thus stand up to your competitors whatever your activity. View all online activity Thanks to a PrestaShop module adapted to your needs, you can view all of your categories on a single, ergonomic screen to make browsing comfortable. This makes it easier for you to make changes to different categories when needed. A statistical tool accessible via the application ensures the display of graphs of sales made over different periods by quantities sold.

The waterline, an important parameter

Or by turnover achieved on a category or a selection of products. It is a particularly practical tool for: follow up on sales, decide to lower or increase the prices for certain items, promotions, etc. Moreover, note that for the planning of your regular promotions, you also have the possibility of anticipating these promotional campaigns. How? ‘Or’ What ? With the setting of tariffs with the “special prices” function. You will also find in the interface: a forecast date entry function, price configuration a visualization of the corresponding product catalog. Finally, for your campaigns to be optimal, you can also check the margins achieved according to forecasts. Control of orders An “order management” function is accessible via your PrestaShop module. It allows you to be able to make changes to the status of an order. But also to respond to customers, follow the status of orders, prepare picking, etc.

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