Without conversion tracking, you’re blind. All major platforms except Twitter have a ‘universal tag’ – where you insert a tag on your site so you can determine conversions just by entering the URL. Mexico Phone Number. But on Twitter, you have to create different JavaScript tags for each thank you page. Each has a name and you can categorize the type (download, purchase, signup) so you can report on them later. Mexico Phone Number. Twitter Ads Conversion Tracking I am blown away by how many people forget this crucial step.

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Basically, you need to set a different conversion pixel for each goal achievement on your site so you can tell if everything is working. Mexico Phone Number.  Step 2: Choose Your Twitter Ad Campaign Type Wisely There are six types of pay-for-performance campaigns, depending on your marketing objective. You specify the maximum amount you are willing to Mexico Phone Number pay for each type of campaign. creating twitter ads for lead gen Why not just specify $0.01 as the cost per action? Well, if you set the bids too low, you won’t get any impressions. It’s an auction. Chances are other Twitter advertisers are willing to pay more than a penny. The more you are willing to pay, the more your ads will show. You need to understand what this is worth to you;

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Twitter will determine how much you will get for that amount. When it comes to campaign types, even though tweet engagements are the most popular ad campaign type, they offer the worst ROI . Mexico Phone Number.  Avoid like the plague! Why? Twitter charges per “engagement”. This includes engagements such as someone viewing your profile page, enlarging your image, enlarging the tweet in the tweet feed, or clicking on a hashtag. . Twitter will love to take your money, but these campaigns won’t help you achieve any of your marketing goals because you’re wasting your budget.

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