All you have to do is change the copy on your form to offer store credit vs the standard “get exclusive email updates” copy most stores use. WORDPRESS PLUGINS FOR SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION #13: SEO BY YOAST Key Takeaway. SEO by Yoast optimizes all SEO aspects in your site. Click here to install SEO by Yoast. What would ranking on the first page of Google for your top products do for your business. My guess is that it would bring in a lot more traffic, email addresses, and sales, right?

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But it can be tough to track whether you’ve optimized all of your product listings — from the product title. To the description and product options and page Sri-Lanka Phone Number titles — it’s enough to make your head spin. Until you install Yoast SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin that exists on WordPress. It takes all the SEO things you’d otherwise have to pay a developer to implement on your site and gives it to you for free. Screenshot showing WordPress Yoast plugin settings

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The Yoast plugin: Grades your optimization in a scorecard based on the keyword you’ve identified. Shows you exactly how your product listings will show up on Google Gives you an easy-to-use checklist of things to optimize. There’s other SEO stuff Yoast takes care of automatically, but all you need to know is this is a plugin you must have on your site if you want more traffic. #14: GOOGLE XML SITEMAPS Key Takeaway. Google XML sitemaps creates special sitemaps which help search engines index your

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