Over the past couple of years, Away has become a popular luggage and accessories supplier amongst travel enthusiasts. That’s in no small part due to the impressive job Away has done in creating a much-loved brand that’s. Focused on helping their customers make the most of every travel opportunity. Whether you’re on Away’s website, their social media profiles, or receiving one of their email campaigns, everything is consistent and focused on enhancing your travel experiences.

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This even shines through in Away’s receipts. Screenshot showing an order confirmation page Though the touches might be subtle, the use of “You did it!” . Front and Belize Phone Number center of the email gives customers a sense of achievement. When writing any email to your Belize Phone Number customers, think Belize Phone Number about your brand message and how you can share that in all of Belize Phone Number your communication.

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Moment crafts beautiful camera accessories for smartphones, and the emails they send are just as well thought out as their products. Customers receive the below email when their order is shipped. From the subject line “Good Things are Headed Your Way!” to the great content and CTAs, this email is simply brilliant. Screenshot showing the title of an email Here’s a copy of the email: Screenshot showing an email. The email answers key customer questions throughout, putting the customer at ease

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