Fanchest hated losing cart abandonment sales so much that they designed a “hail mary” popup. A “hail mary” popup is a last ditch effort to convert shoppers who are leaving into buyers. Here’s how it works: 1. People add items to their shopping cart on Fanchest’s website. Screenshot showing a checkout page 2. When someone tries to leave Fanchest’s cart page. A hail mary popup shows up offering the customer a sweet deal: Screenshot showing a sumo popup

Building a Customer List

After someone enters their email for the “$6 Off” offer, they see a “Success” pop-up with the $6 off offer code. Screenshot showing success page for a Sumo popup 4. The customer is happy because they got a discount. Fanchest is happy because they made a sale… and got another email Bahamas Phone Number address for follow-ups and future emails. Win-win. Screenshot showing a checkout page Since setting up this “hail mary” popup, cart abandonment has improved by over 25%. Screenshot showing Sumo popup stats And 201 people have claimed the discount and converted into sales.

Bahamas Phone Number List

Screenshot showing a Sumo discount code For a $300 sale, that’s $60,300 in additional sales! Here’s the exact step-by-step process to create the same popup in Sumo. This will take you 10 minutes. 1. Set your Goal to “Collect Emails”. Screenshot showing Sumo popup settings 2. Set your Form Type to “Popup”. Screenshot showing Sumo popup settings 3. Set your Design to Sumo’s “Atomic” template (Fanchest used this template so they didn’t need to pay a designer to do design work).

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