For certain keywords. Search engines “expect” certain elements or content on a page if it wants to rank for a certain keyword. Let’s look at an ecommerce example. Sears ranks on position #2 for the keyword “appliances” and Lowes on #12. Both have text at the bottom of the category page. Sears’ text is 264 words long. Screenshot showing content on Lowes’ text is 122 words long. Screenshot showing related categories on a website But the text length alone isn’t what matters for rank.

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It’s about how relevant the text is. To measure that, I used Google’s Natural Language API*. You could also use Searchmetrics’ Content Optimizer or SEMrush’s SEO Honduras Phone Number Content Template.[*] Screenshot showing keyword recommendations The Natural Language API tells you how many entities Google found in your text. Screenshot showing an analysis for a piece of text It also tells you the entity’s salience, which means how important the entity is to the text.

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The more entities with a high salience you have in your content, the more relevant it is to the topic it tries to rank for. The strongest relevance is indicated by a Salience value of 1. The number next to the entity in the screenshot above is its salience ranking (see screenshot below). Screenshot showing keywords Lowes’ content has 31 entities and Sears’ 62! Sears’ text is almost double as long as Lowes’ and has double the amount of relevant entities.

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