Let’s take stock of the structured data that is essential for your SEO today! Structured data is information found in your structured pages. They facilitate their exploitation by Google. Comments posted on an article on your website can for example be displayed between tags notifying Google: this is a comment . This structured data allows Google to display in its search results additional information about the pages of your site (for example, your address and phone number may be displayed in Google search results). anthedesign structured data  Google is pushing by all means to facilitate and generalize the use of structured data by webmasters, you can consider this indication as an SEO optimization criterion to be favored in 2014.

The content markup for the display of microdata must therefore be part of your priorities. If you don’t know how to set up your structured data, Google is here to help. Rich snippets: another name for structured data Structured data or rich Mauritius Email Lists snippets further enhance the links displayed in search engines. They thus provide more information about the content of the page. A priori, Internet users greatly appreciate them for the following reasons: Gain their attention with additional information next to Google search results. Increase the click-through rate and tend to reduce the bounce rate by briefly presenting what type of content will be discussed in the page of the link displayed.

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What Is Structured Data?

Immediately provide information corresponding to his request, Facilitate decision making by providing details on some queries. For example, characteristics of an e-commerce product or an upcoming event. Rich snippets therefore allow Google to offer Internet users even more qualitative search results. Hence the strong incentive from Google addressed to all webmasters for rapid use of this structured data. structured data-data Other advantages of this data: they offer webmasters an additional layer of web optimization; a chance to see their content stand out in Google search results pages . Another point to convert you to their use, they are certainly a good introduction to semantic research and web 3.0 , to follow …

The icing on the cake , the structured data comes from the content markup developed by Schema.org and validated by Google, Bing and Yahoo who have decided to make it the standard in the matter, with so many positive arguments, it would be good. a shame to deprive yourself of it! And to stay on the snippets, do you know the Featured snippet ? This featured snippet provides a direct response to the query entered by the user. “Analyze like Googlebot” allows you to view a page of your site as it is indexed by the Google-bot; spot the broken links, the URL in question appears as a 404 error. You can see when Google detected errors, ( you can download the error table in a spreadsheet to correct them with 301 redirects if necessary ); Submit the URLs you want removed from the Google index.

Why Does Google Recommend Its Use?

Identify server errors; Test and improve the loading speed of your pages on all devices with the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool; View the list of URLs of your website that do not have keywords or meta-descriptions, you can download it and then improve these URLs; View your website markup, this allows you to add structured data markup to a sample web page; This non-exhaustive list of features make Google Webmaster Tools an essential tool for webmasters and SEO experts. When you want to both know the state of health of your website, optimize its referencing,

Mechanically its positioning, a regular visit and the setting up of alerts will make GWT your best ally. webmaster tools anthedesign Do not wait any longer to register your site on Google Webmaster Tools , the authentication procedure is relatively simple and then enjoy a wealth of free information!To conclude, the competition analysis is complementary to the intuitive approach and to the use of generators, it can for example provide you with keywords that you had not thought of . We will discuss autocompletion in a future post to go further in our quest for the right keywords.

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