Even as Shopify is experiencing massive growth. The majority of ecommerce stores are built on WordPress. Pie chart showing eCommerce usage statistics If you have Nigeria Phone Number an ecommerce store build on WordPress. You can customize your online store to look and function exactly how you want it to with plugins. From triggering social proof to increasing conversions and creating a better

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User experience, there are WordPress plugins for everything. So I rounded up the best of the best WordPress plugins for your ecommerce site. Oh, and you don’t have to use WooCommerce to use them. We have another guide for that. You can benefit from these plugins no matter what  WordPress ecommerce platform you use. 1 Plugins for Selling 2 Plugins for User Experience 3 Plugins for Sales Optimization 4 Plugins for List. Building 5 Plugins for Search Engine Optimization 6 Plugins for Analytics &

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Testing 7 Plugins for Website Protection and Maintenance Don’t want to install 16 plugins on your site. And risk slowing it down? Click here to get the cheat sheet of the top 6 best WordPress plugins every ecommerce store NEEDS. WORDPRESS PLUGINS FOR SELLING You wouldn’t have an ecommerce store if you didn’t sell anything. Here are the best plugins for selling. #1: WOOCOMMERCE Key Takeaway: WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce platform for WordPress.

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