Another good example is the charity sale organized by DvF in live streaming which raised more than 25,000 dollars for the A.Dream foundation with the aim of providing elementary schools with sterilizers and hydro-alcoholic gel. 3. Maintain Qatar WhatsApp Number List a high level of brand exposure in this period when consumer attention is strong When the coronavirus began to hit the world, some brands chose to stop their advertising campaigns for fear that such actions would be out of step with the general atmosphere of the moment and could be disturbing.

“However, the COVID-19 crisis is characterized by a situation of confinement where consumers increase their consumption of screens and therefore their attention to the content broadcast. For brands that aspire to reach out to consumers by offering solutions to weather these difficult times, now is the time to look at it, ”said Ranjeet Laungan of Nielsen Media. In this period of quarantine, discovering new content is one of the activities favored by consumers; so it’s an opportunity for brands to remain visible to their target audience. The stake is in fact to maintain and prolong the usual interactions by transposing what happened before offline to online supports.

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A good example of such a transposition and the broadcast by Dior in live streaming on Weibo of its fashion show for the fall / winter 2020 collection. 4. Adjust your channels and go digital A simplified 3D configuration demonstration provided by luxury brand Lolo Chatenay and tech startup Hapticmedia . Ready to use 3D visualization and configuration like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to achieve higher conversion rates? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote! As the coronavirus began to hit the luxury sector, many brands were caught off guard while a few others were able to respond quickly.

For example, completely stopped its offline advertising campaigns in February and immediately redirected all of its budgets to web channels, in particular through influencer marketing campaigns which ultimately made it possible to exceed average sales results for the brand. Digital content allows consumers to have an experience that is both useful and exciting. If the feeling left behind is good, they will seek to reproduce it. It is still an opportunity to be seized for brands; constantly reinventing itself on the basis of stimulating content offering an ever-improved digital experience using new technologies such as 3D and virtual reality.

3D configuration technologies are particularly recognized for being a key factor in the success of a successful e-commerce consumer experience . Companies that use them achieve 40% higher conversion rates and increase their sales by an average of 30% after replacing their 2D product view with 3D view . Concretely, integrating 3D configuration technology very often generates a significant increase in sales and profits for companies that market their products on e-commerce platforms. Ready to use 3D visualization and configuration like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to achieve higher conversion rates? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote!

Another case that we could talk about is that of the collaboration between Guerlain and Hapticmedia. Thanks to this technology, customers can choose a shade and thus personalize their lipstick in an infinite number of colors and styles that come as close as possible to their most intimate wishes. The Rouge G Range personalization page boasts twice the conversion rate compared to any other page on the website. On the other hand, we see that even companies that have chosen to continue all or part of the poster campaigns on physical outdoor advertising panels have nevertheless chosen to adapt their content to this particular context.

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