This gives you the opportunity to correct them and continuously improve yourself. google analytics g4 mobile Successfully integrate Google Analytics G4 property To take advantage of the new features of GA4, you must create a property for your website and / or application. Three scenarios can occur, depending on whether it is a new or existing site. For an existing site that already has Analytics You can add a GA4 property. To do this, click on the “Google Analytics configuration wizard” button. The created property collects data along with the Universal Analytics property. This will in fact continue to function as before. You can switch from one property to another by pressing “Property selector” or “Administration”. For a site without Analytics You need to create a Universal Analytics property and a Google Analytics 4 property at a time. Both properties will collect data at the same time.

They can also communicate with each other. Later, you can transfer the settings from the Universal Analytics property to Google Analytics G4. You can also start a new site with a G4 property This option is recommended when you are familiar Ghana Email List with the features of the new version. You can configure the Google Analytics G4 tag manually. All you have to do is add the Global site tag to all the pages to follow, through the gtag js script . Installation can also be done automatically using Google Tag Manager. Take your first steps with Google Analytics 4 Proactivity is an essential quality to increase your chances of acquiring new customers. You can easily be proactive with the data GA4 makes available to you. It offers various reports that make it easier for customers to understand.

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Get a unified view of the customer journey with GA4

These even give you the ability to predict their behavior. But you still have to know how to use it correctly. Configure data flow on GA4 The first step is to create a data flow. You must select the Web option if your data comes from a website. You must then enter the URL of your site and define the name of the feed. For those who use both a website and an application, it is possible to create two feeds on a single report . Once the feed is set up, Google will give you full ownership and the code to use on your site. You can continue to collect data on Universal Analytics. For this, you must let the UA code work on the site or via Google Tag Manager .

Check your data on GA4 Make sure your data does arrive on the new version. To do this, check in the reports. Events refer to the activities performed. Conversions, on the other hand, reflect the objectives set. Track events on Google Analytics G4 The list of all events is accessible from the menu. It lists the standard events automatically proposed by the tool. You can modify them or create new ones. For example, GA4 considers all the page views as an event. You can create an event for a specific location . The tool will tell you the clicks that took place on the relevant page. It should be noted that Google has not yet announced a date for the end of Universal Analytics.

Adapt to the regulations in force for data collection

You can therefore continue to use it. However, he will no longer be entitled to new features. If you want to be accompanied for the update, contact us!They unnecessarily lengthen your permalink. A good permalink is short To prevent Google from treating your permalink as spam, keep the URL short and simple . Make sure your permalinks don’t contain more than 3 to 5 words. A permalink that is too long can affect your ranking in Google . The maximum permalink length is 2083 characters, but in general the shorter the better. Finally, consistency is a very important criterion in choosing a permalink. Consistent URLs help optimize your search engine rankings.

You now know everything you need to know about permalinks and their impact on SEO. Whether you plan to change your permalinks, create a website or implement an effective digital communication strategy, our agency is at your disposal to help you achieve your goals. Contact us!Once again, Google Analytics represents an excellent alternative to know the impacts of your publications. If necessary, we can accompany you !Fortunately, there are many tools that help make your site better every day. By relying on the results obtained by the dedicated tools, you optimize your site even before it is online. Of course, if in doubt, you can always hire a web marketing agency .

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