Your website is the showcase of your company, your visual identity, your business card on the web as well as a powerful communication medium to animate your commercial operations! Updating its website is essential! ZEN READING website updateUpdated on August 27, 2019 Sites offering daily content have a better chance of retaining an audience. Thanks to your website, you increase the visibility of your business as well Pitcairn Email List as your number of potential buyers for an e-commerce site for example. It is essential to regularly add new information, new products, new news. The more content there is on your website, the more you will cover a large number of requests for SEO and consequently you will increase your traffic; search engine robots will visit your site more regularly and index new pages.

news-website Updating its website is also an opportunity to display its expertise , its skills in its field and its assiduous monitoring of news in its sector of activity. The more content you produce on a regular basis, the more your website will look like you. It represents an investment for your business. Your website is an efficient, modern and fast way to publicize your activity nationally, even internationally!  The updating of its website by the regular contribution of content is essential for its visibility, the web evolving rapidly, what is popular on the web today did not exist a short time ago and will not exist. more in a few years! website-redesign Businesses should consider this rapid change for their website as well as their e-marketing strategy .

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What Are The Benefits Of Updating Your Website

You have to follow web trends, such as cinema or fashion, with responsive design as an example. We consider that a website has a lifespan of between 2 and 3 years, beyond that it is preferable to modify its structure and its design by going through a redesign . redesign-website A redesign of its website will allow: Improve your ranking in search engines, To increase the conversion rate of your website ( analysis of visitor behavior with a tool like Google Analytics ), Take control of your website ( it is now easier for you to control and manage your site using an administration console ), To stand out from the competition (take advantage of the redesign of your site to stand out from your competitors!) , To integrate new functionalities with the update of its CMS (an update of its WordPress allows to benefit from new functionalities).

wordpress-website-update In short, To optimize your referencing and be visible on the web, you have to publish regularly and go through an overhaul if necessary, hence the importance of updating your website! The Anthedesign web agency can advise you and bring its expertise to your SEO strategy .A description of the page…” The tag named “ description” provides a brief description of the page, this description is included in the snippet that appears in search engine results. Meta tags are always placed in the section of your HTML page. meta name description The meta tag and its importance in SEO There are all kinds of meta tags out there, some are useful for your website SEO and some are n’t, so we’re going to focus on those that are of SEO interest .

When Is A Redesign Of Your Website Necessary?

A web page without any meta tag will get a lower ranking than a page with equivalent content but with well-informed tags. In the radius of meta tags taken into account by Google robots (Google is used by more than 90% of Internet users) , we will find: The “description” meta tag described above. The “robots” and “googlebot” meta tags make it possible to control the crawling and indexing carried out by search engines. The “Content-Type” meta tag defines the content type of the page as well as the character set. The “title” tag, which is not technically a tag, contains the title of the page, it is usually displayed as the title in search results. title-meta-description Each of these tags must respect a certain formalism to be effective, let’s take the example of the “description” meta tag.

it must have the following characteristics: Be unique , it should not be duplicated on other pages of your website, Faithfully reflect the content of the page in question, Be attractive to the Internet user whose gaze sweeps across a search engine results page, Use the main keyword (s) on the page and be short (156 characters according to Yoast) . The “description” meta tag of the article you are reading is: “A meta tag is data that contains information that is invisible to everyone, but not to Google! What tags should you fill in for your SEO? ” That is 156 characters! If so, you can count them. Associated with the title of the page and the URL, the display in the search results will give us the following visual.

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