We underlined that in the luxury sector, it is not the price or the function that retains the consumer but the brand itself, which makes Indonesia WhatsApp Number List them share a unique and exclusive luxury experience. For brands, therefore, it makes more sense and more efficient to work on improving brand perception instead of focusing on competition through price or value-added features.

5. The costs of finding a substitute have been reduced considerably. Today, whatever their budget and whatever their criteria, consumers have more options than ever before. Technological advances certainly facilitate the search for goods and services, but also considerably reduce the costs of changing brands . The customer can switch to another brand with minimal effort, as soon as he is dissatisfied or has a negative perception . What shapes customer perception? 1. The presentation of the brand but also, curiously, of its customers The presentation of the brand, from the logo to the store ambience, packaging and user interfaces, projects the first image that prospects perceive.

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Real Case Studies: Lolo Chatenay And Edenly

It is not without reason that companies invest heavily in the branding of their company and its services: these visuals have a strong impact on consumer perception. The demographics of users of certain brands’ products also have an impact on their customer perception. This is especially true for luxury goods as customers in this sector tie the brand’s image tightly to their own identity. Hence, the profile of the buyers goes a long way in spreading the brand’s message to the audience. This explains why luxury brands are so selective when it comes to customers.

2. Customer experience: interaction with the brand before / during / after the purchase This is perhaps the most important factor influencing customer perception. The days when consumers were only looking for products and services are long gone. From now on, everyone thirsts for a constantly remarkable experience, to relive and share on social networks. It’s not just about that pair of sneakers or that stick of that lipstick anymore. This is our ongoing interaction with brands across multiple channels. Futuristic website that anticipates customer desires, targeted content that enriches the experience, in-store media and personalized services, everything must be carefully designed and assembled according to your audience, to shape the customer perception that you will be able to profit from.

A Simplified 3d Cpq Demonstration Offered By Luxury Brand Lolo Chatenay And Tech Startup Hapticmedia .

3. Partnerships, influencers, social media and online communities empower customers to express themselves. Brands are no longer just responsible for themselves and their actions as they are often held accountable for what their collaborators and employees do . For customer perception, you have to be extremely attentive: the behavior of your partners and your influencers, their values, their statements and their socio-political opinions are reflected in your image and can contaminate it.

That’s why extensive research and strict guidelines should ensure that your network shares your values ​​and resonates with the cultural, social and political options of your clients. 4. Marketing and sales activities Business actions must attract, engage and motivate consumers through sponsored interactions and experiences that will trigger action on their part. Also known as “brand activations”, these tactics are relevant at all stages of the customer journey, from product discovery to building a positive customer perception , including encouraging recommendations. How to shape customer perception of your brand Defining customer perception, locating its importance and analyzing its various elements was an essential theoretical prerequisite.

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