Who hasn’t ever watched Ronco rotisserie salesman Ron Popeil tell you to “set it and forget it” or marvel while someone shows how they created their perfectly chiseled body in a P90X class? Ever since the FCC lifted advertising time restrictions on television Paraguay Phone Number in 1984, the airwaves have been chockablock with high-buzz pitches hawking everything imaginable. I love them. These infomercials represent some of the absolutely best examples of content marketing you’ll ever find. They’re clever, compelling and tell stories that resonate Paraguay Phone Number with people. And they offer lessons that marketers ought to take to heart. Lesson 1: They use storytelling to inspire emotions

All of Us Have Watched One Paraguay Phone Number

Nearly of those commercials for a few minutes, a half hour or many half hours. Infomercials tell wonderfully compelling stories about human beings  that we all can relate to in some way. They may make us feel hopeful; they may make us feel more optimistic, they may make us feel more alive – the point is that they make us feel something. If you’ve ever watched an exercise infomercial, you can almost believe you’ve just completed a workout. (Hey, I’ve burned calories just watching them go through their paces!) The best infomercials feature the smart use Paraguay Phone Number of visual images and personal testimonials to help convince any fence sitters watching that this would be a perfect fit for them.

They Do Wonderful Jobs Telling Paraguay Phone Number

Paraguay Phone Number

And stories that get viewers emotionally involved. Great marketers understand that it’s about how people feel, not about what they think. People may  Paraguay Phone Number think based upon rational ideas but they act on feelings. We want to get them to act but we first need to get them to feel. What infomercials get right is the focus on the human element and what it means to people, not just what a product does. That’s the way to draw us in. One company Paraguay Phone Number that gets this right is Patagonia, who used storytelling to turn their customers into activists. The company, which sells high-end outdoor goods, also has a mission to improve the environment.

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