Promote Your Product 5 Lesson. Ship Your Product 6 Lesson. Grow Your Product 7 Lesson 7: Have A Purpose 1. SCRATCH YOUR OWN ITCH. Start by identifying Ukraine Phone Number day-to-day life that frustrate you. Lindsay was traveling all the time as a TV Producer for HGTV and found that she was going through travel toothpaste tubes at an alarming rate. These were little plastic bottles that Lindsay realized must. Take up a ton of landfill and can’t easily be recycled.

And Why You Should Too

Screenshot showing a tweet about toothpastes Lindsay looked for alternate solutions. She tried toothpaste powder and toothpaste tablets. (from commercial brands and homemade products she found on Etsy). If you look at the back of a toothpaste tube, stuff like propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, and diethanolamine are all

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Controversial ingredients that lots of people avoid. There is a ton of research and reasons why these chemicals shouldn’t be in our bodies. Lindsay found that big toothpaste companies are getting away. With using the cheapest and easiest (questionably) effective ingredients, even though there are safer and just as effective ingredients available. The thing is, those ingredients cost a little

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