However, it is always easier for a browser to download 3 small files rather than a large file. Why ? Quite simply because if there is enough bandwidth, it will be able to download all 3 simultaneously, so in less time. It is therefore a fair balance to be found by carrying out several tests to obtain the best compromise. CDN simultaneous UK Email List loadingCDN: simultaneous or non-simultaneous loading of CSS resources Many other configurations are possible and each site is different, we advise you to use a web agency for an audit and / or possibly an optimization service. To conclude, setting up a CDN is an excellent way to boost the performance of your website.

It is also an efficient way to respond to the latest changes in Google algorithms (core web vitals) and to be present in the Mobile First Index . The study indicates, however, that it is mainly the mainstream media (institutional sites and entertainment platforms) that have managed to take advantage of social networks so effectively. These only represent a much smaller source of traffic for other activities. However, for the majority of businesses, social media is a crucial gateway to their web pages . In particular because social profiles can serve as natural referencing levers for content published on a site or a blog, thanks to the sharing options: via Facebook or Twitter, you have the possibility of reaching an unprecedented segment of the population, made accessible through members of your community.

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What is an SEO agency?

In addition, content has a chance to show up in the SERPs if it is relevant enough, thus increasing its visibility. Note that within the framework of this source of traffic, Google must remain a priority: the social platform of the search engine is, in fact, logically favored by its parent company when positioning the pages in the results of the SERPs. Mobile: one of the 4 sources of traffic The mobile marketing , or “m-commerce”, represented in France some 7 billion euros in 2016 (against 3.7 billion the previous year) . A quarter of online sales were made via a mobile terminal, for an average annual sum of € 712. In addition, 84% of mobile users surf the mobile web on a daily basis.

(Source: AppsVision) In other words: to reach and attract prospects, you are more and more obliged to use the mobile as a full source of traffic. This involves: Ensure the mobile compatibility of your website and your blog; Think about your site and the navigation of Internet users with the objective of optimizing the user experience on mobile (“mobile first”) ; Lighten your pages so that they are displayed more quickly on mobile terminals; Launch an application dedicated to your business (smartphone owners spend 90% of their time on applications) . An SEO agency is for a website the equivalent of a preparer for a competition car. For a website, its SEO performance is measured on search engines , for a racing car, it is its position on the finish line.

5 reasons to entrust your visibility to an SEO agency

SEO is the acronym for ” Search Engine Optimization “, or optimization for search engines in French. SEO activities consist in improving the positioning of a website on search engines by various optimization techniques.  An SEO agency is a web agency or a web marketing agency expert in natural referencing. The primary objective of an SEO agency is to support you in improving the positioning of your web pages on search engines, with the consequence of increasing your organic traffic and your sales. SEO agencies are not the only ones to offer organic SEO services. Depending on your needs, you can entrust your web referencing to web service providers with the following names: SEO consultant, SEO expert, Internet consultant, SEO agency, web marketing agency, Digital agency, natural referencing agency.

Traffic manager , SEO manager, web referencing manager, Professional SEO, natural SEO, web SEO, SEO consultant, web referencing consultant, Organic SEO consultant, … All these SEO specialists are perfectly capable of advancing your website on Google. However, there are two main families of SEO service providers: Those whose services are mainly focused on auditing, advice and training (SEO experts, SEO consultants, etc.) , they often work alone or with partners. SEO agencies that also offer SEO-oriented development services in addition to SEO consulting and strategy. An SEO agency often brings together all the expertise necessary to cover all activities related to SEO.

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