Today, almost any customer-centric and data-driven organization uses customer journey analysis , or the customer journey in French, to understand customer demands and ultimately improve their shopping experience. The customer Turkey WhatsApp Number List journey tells the story of the customer experience, from the initial contact to the long-lasting relationship. A better understanding of the new trends that have helped provide a seamless customer journey will benefit both marketers and consumers.

The customer journey, or the customer journey in French, is the complete purchasing process that a customer must follow to make a purchase, from generating ideas to paying and taking a new order. The goal is to interact with customers at every stage and across all possible channels and mediums in order to better understand their wants and requirements, while identifying their recurring behaviors in order to generate better customer experiences. The principle of the customer journey / customer journey was initially created as an “outside-in” business management technique, with the aim of improving the customer experience and building a lasting relationship with the latter..

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A well-designed customer journey is reflected in how companies use a wide range of channels to communicate with their customers, using cross-channel interactions between digital tools and touchpoints at every stage of the process. customer lifecycle. It’s a proven fact: 86% of customers are willing to spend more on a product that offers a good customer experience. The customer journey plays a key role in the development of positive experiences. These are a direct result of the customer’s feelings and are therefore the perfect tool to solve their problems. Constantly getting customer feedback is crucial. It is by putting themselves in the customer’s shoes that companies will be able to both meet their expectations and exceed them.

Harvard Business Review states that customer journey maps are simply diagrams that illustrate the stages a customer goes through when they come in contact with your business . These experiences can take the form of an actual in-store contact, on a website or any other channel. The more contact points, the more complicated things become. Make sure your team understands the importance of the customer journey. All players must agree on the interest of creating a customer journey, at the risk of complicating agreements on the distribution of downstream resources.

Set clearly defined goals. Whether short or long term goals. . Work on your touchpoints. Touchpoints are stages throughout customer mapping, where the customer interacts with the business or brand. It is imperative to properly identify each of them and analyze which are the most effective and which should be removed. The effectiveness of touchpoints is measured through tools such as questionnaires, interviews, engagement rate on social networks, email marketing, call centers, paid advertising, site traffic or any other method. Identify the Key Performance Indicators.

Use both qualitative and quantitative research to build an effective customer journey map. Practice your findings to get results. The customer journey mapping must be accompanied by concrete applications. Once all the touchpoints are identified, apply these results and see if they work digitally. If you notice a high abandonment rate before purchase, take an analysis and make the necessary changes. The second part of this article will focus on the use of the latest technologies intended to optimize the customer journey thanks in particular to navigation by computerized location technologies, visualization by configuration of products in 3D, interaction via virtual reality technology.

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