Today, the strength of digital technology has reached such a level that it is a real revolution. All companies want to find their accounts there! The Internet has become over the years a real battlefield of all kinds. Many SME managers do not know where to turn. Technology and tools evolve so quickly that if you don’t follow the news you will be completely overwhelmed.  According to Media Offer, 87% of consumers check the internet before buying. The challenges are very present and guarantee those who are part of a digital transformation process a more reassuring future. So, why create a website? Summary Improved conversion Customer acquisition Loyalty Improving your company’s image Gain visibility and notoriety Gain credibility Increase your profits Improved conversion The main goal of setting up a website is to convert a simple visitor into a potential customer.

Knowing the conversion rate of your site allows you to check the impact of your marketing actions and to measure the value of your site. Customer acquisition No matter the industry, people are connected. You are a specialist in your field, then  Australia Mobile Number Database you have to present yourself as such. Having a quality website allows your audience to find you without having to commit human and financial resources to do so. Your website is constantly available to your users 24/7 and represents an additional source of traffic for your business. It becomes easier with the use of the internet to bring more visitors to your website. In the long term, a relationship of trust must be established between you and your recurring visitors.

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You Are Connected, Your Customers Are Connected.

Nothing better than to offer quality content to inform, educate your prospects with a content strategy for example. website In this way, it is easier and easier to establish a strong enough contact with your prospects so that they can eventually become a customer. Your website is a machine that basically needs to attract new visitors, but it doesn’t stop there. Loyalty It is a fact, it is cheaper to retain a customer than to acquire new ones. Of course, this will depend on your industry and the service or product you offer. But the important thing is first to focus on maintaining contact between you and your customers. Again, the content strategy is welcome. The time committed to a content strategy allows it to hit 2 places at once. The articles on your blog should really be of benefit to your customers.

Study them with a magnifying glass to determine the panel of their questions. Building loyalty is the possibility of developing a quality audience. A satisfied and loyal customer becomes a true ambassador for your company. Improving your company’s image Gain visibility and notoriety The choice to go digital with a website allows you to set foot in the digital transition. There is no limit, you can reach an Internet user who lives in such and such a country, or in such a city if you wish. It is easier to be found on the internet than on the street! With an effective strategy, you can considerably increase your visibility with your prospects. Consequently, this avoids attracting Internet users who are not your targets and gradually builds up a healthy notoriety for you.

Improving Your Company’s Image

visibility Your visibility will depend mainly on the means you will use to attract your traffic but also other elements. To help you, do not hesitate to consult our article on: 3 tips to optimize your website! Gain credibility Knowing that a consumer is making information online before buying, it is essential for them to find you on the internet. If this is not the case, then it will not be able to compare the solutions your products and services with those of your competitors. They won’t be able to give themselves real approval and a reason to buy your solution. Conversely, during his research if he can consult the characteristics of your offers, compare them and also see the resulting testimonials, for him it is more reassuring and it will be easier to buy.

With the rise of the Internet, many scams have unfortunately emerged! Your site should reassure visitors and give them confidence. To reassure your visitors and gain their trust, you can: Choose a design optimized for the user experience Highlight your contact details Display real testimonials Use trust labels and badges Pay attention to the use of advertising Limit royalty-free images Humanize your website Increase your profits All the reasons mentioned above lead to a direct increase in your turnover and a reduction in certain costs making your margins more attractive. A website optimized for a user experience should allow visitors to find what they are looking for quickly.


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