And gained ~118,000 backlinks over time. Screenshot showing williams sonoma The article on “30 days of juicing”* (independent on where you stand on juicing ;-)) got over 100 backlinks. By identifying them and offering advice, companies foster loyal communities. They work really good on social media (see the lengthy comments).[*] Screenshot showing a facebook post An example for home improvement

A Newbie’s Guide to Email Marketing

Comes from Black & Decker, whose ideas & inspiration Microsite ranks for > 26,000 keywords. Screenshot showing DIY projects page on black+decker Once again. Ivory Coast Phone Number Wayfair is worth a mention: their ideas and advice Microsite ranks for >70,000 keywords and has >6,000 Israel Phone Number backlinks. Use tools like Answer the Public and Ubersuggest to get a long list of queries and questions.

Ivory Coast Phone Number List

Screenshot showing search keyword ideas Or, as shown in ubersuggest, some people want special vacuum cleaners for pet hair. Screenshot showing search recommendations You could create a whole Microsite around vacuum cleaners. With own design and content for each step of the user journey and use case of the product. Screenshot showing a tree of keywords for vacuum cleaners If you’re a local business,

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