The new trend for these large companies is to go green! Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook are following the trend of Green Computing by betting on new methods. data-centers-green  Traditional data centers waste 90% of the energy they consume. David Atienza Alonso, professor of electronic engineering and director of the  Bahrain Email List  embedded systems laboratory at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) , explains how these ‘big’ waste so much: “The data center of a company must be ready and available in the event of a peak in the calculation requests. Most of the time, data centers are used at 50 or 60% of their computing capacity.

By optimizing the cooling system and computing capacities at the same time, the energy consumption of data centers can be reduced by around 50% ”. Cooling is one of the biggest energy consumers in any data center. For each watt of power required to run a server, an additional watt is required to cool the system. Citigroup-Data-Center-in-FrankfurtCitigroup Data Center in Frankfurt “Green It” technologies Companies relying on green technologies save the energy used by their data centers. The Safe Host company, for example, located in Geneva, has been using 100% hydraulic power sources since 2003. It was awarded the Vitale Bleu label from Geneva industrial services.

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This company also saves money in its portfolio, because the “free cooling” system reduces their energy consumption by 20 to 25%. This system allows the use of cold outside air to cool the hot air leaving the servers. apple-logo-green The Scandinavian countries need less energy for cooling thanks to their climate. The manufacturer HP has made progress in “Dynamic Smart Cooling”, which is a system in which data centers are modeled and controlled, in order to allow cooling systems to adapt to changes in temperature in real time. Companies must take into account an essential criterion: performance per watt! The sector industry needs to be responsive enough to provide measurable benchmarks, such as server power ratings, chip-level cooling, and distribution of air conditioning systems.

Facebook has long been criticized by Greenpeace when it comes to the environment. This community platform is a priori one of the most polluting sites, it uses energy sources from coal to supply its data centers. Facebook commits in a statement, to improve the energetic efficiency of its data centers. A Green on Facebook page was created by this giant of social networks, it allows to communicate on its commitments to ecology. facebook-green In short, We are only beginning to measure the ecological repercussions of data centers.

How do these big companies pollute them with their data centers?

The IT giants are starting to go green both for energy savings but also for their image and their notoriety! Penetration rate in promotional catalogs, 44%, Source: TNS Sofres QR code ralph-lauren Conclusion The advantages of QRCode are: its ease and speed of use and creation. To read a QR Code: launch the application (but not too far, eh!) And scan the code with your smartphone. Many websites offer these applications for free. With a constantly growing penetration rate and the popularity of brands, you are not done flashing !! And if not, don’t you find that Google Lens is a bit QR Code based?

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