Whether you offer services or products, local SEO is then a lever that you can not do without. Google My Business brings together all the information and contact details of your company on a single “file”. Since 2004, this “file” dedicated to a local company has replaced the functionalities previously provided by Google Addresses and Google Local . Google Addresses made it possible to appear on Google Map and Google Local to create a “company” file and to post news. This merger of Google Addresses and Google Local is also linked to the rise of mobile searches . google my business fileGoogle My Business profile from AntheDesign agency For all companies that offer services or products for local distribution, it is essential to develop your SEO through Google My Business.

It is a fast and efficient and free solution to make yourself visible in a few clicks on Google Map and in local search results. To provide Internet users with information, the free company files offered by Google My Business represent a window Serbia Consumer Email List of choice accessible 24 hours a day.  You will probably have noticed if you have already typed the name of your business on Google, the search engine does not wait for merchants to create their Google My Business listing to display one. The Internet giant creates it automatically as soon as it has spotted the presence of a company somewhere. To become the owner of this already created file and not to create a new one at the risk of causing confusion for your potential customers, you must indeed take full possession of it.

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What is Google My Business?

To become full owner, you can verify ownership by email, phone or letter to Google . Once the property is validated, the owner of the listing then accesses a dashboard from which they publish information, send news and analyze the performance data of their listing provided by Google. Use your card well The free tool that is Google My Business does require some knowledge as well as a touch of creativity. Indeed, the tool evolves frequently and presents new features with each update. To start effectively using a Google My Business listing, start by going to the “Info” category, in order to modify the contact details or even the opening hours of your business. All information must be correctly filled in and regularly checked .

Frequent control is particularly important, in fact, Google has recently allowed the possibility for everyone to suggest changes to the Google My Business listings. Wrong information can then be found by Internet users, which can cause you to lose potential customers. In addition, the consistency between the data on the file and those that the search engine can find on other sources serves as a basis for the giant’s robots to know if a file is reliable. In the event of unclear or erroneous information, there is indeed a risk that Google itself modifies the information on the sheet. Google’s promise: Attract new customers with your Google listing. Feed your plug properly The category of business is a very important SEO criterion , because it is this which allows your listing to be placed in the right place on Google results, according to the search intentions of Internet users.

Become the owner of your Google My Business listing

Make sure to be as precise and strategic as possible when filling in this category in order to obtain a good placement and to stand out against your competitors. All businesses can then, and have been doing so for a year now, add a list of their products or services, and prices. They can also add a 750 character description about their business. The description of the establishment is notably visible at the bottom of the knowledge graph on computers or in the “about” tab on mobile devices. To offer a real virtual showcase to Internet users, a Google My Business listing must also contain images and videos that allow you to present your premises, your products or even storytelling about your brand. Then comes the possibility of integrating posts that appear in the knowledge graph and allow people to speak to make themselves known.

For each post, it is possible to integrate a category, an image, a text,… You can also use a button which is used to refer directly to a page of your site on which a transaction can be finalized. Example of POST on Google My BusinessExample of POST on Google My Business Just like a website, a Google My Business listing is not meant to remain static. In fact, you will receive regular notifications to encourage you to add content. Do not hesitate to follow Google’s recommendations to improve the positioning of your listing. Places are expensive! Make your My Google Business profile interactive to establish contact To establish contact with future customers or finalize the purchase of a service or a product, Google My Business is a great tool!

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