The SEO for 2017 is a logical continuation of SEO trends initiated in 2016 while taking account of three priority directions determined by Google. What strategy to adopt in terms of your SEO for 2017? Definition of SEO: SEO or Search Zambia Email Lists Engine Optimization brings together all the optimization techniques used to index and position web pages at the highest level in search engine results.  The SEO trends observed in 2016 remain valid for this year. For a good SEO of your website, it is important to follow some of these SEO trends for 2017: The indirect impact of social networks The social networks can increase the visibility of your website.

By publishing, sharing and developing your community, you increase your audience and this is a good signal sent to Google. In addition, your publications on professional social networks such as LinkedIn or Viadeo allow you to stand out in search results. It is also a good opportunity to create interesting backlinks . Videos, always popular content They are now at the heart of an SEO strategy, video is a type of content appreciated by Internet users. A video broadcast on YouTube and shared on social networks allows you to improve the visibility of your website. Ultimately, this will allow you to be better placed in search engine results. Marketing actions aimed at mobile users are working very well.

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SEO trends for 2017, a sequel to 2016?

To benefit from it, your website must be responsive design and adapt to mobile screens. In addition, your Mobile Friendly pages must load quickly, this is essential to position your web pages properly. When the loading time is too long, it results in high bounce rate and low conversion rate. This observation justified the creation of web pages in AMP format, these pages with fast loading times on Smartphones allow Google to offer a good user experience . John Mueller, the “SEO spokesperson” of Google announced that with Index Mobile First , the referencing of a website for Google will have to be oriented towards the user experience on mobile. For a site unsuitable for smartphones, the consequences in terms of positioning and visibility will be increasing.

Responsive sites have been favored by Google in its search results since 2016. Voice search, a rapidly growing trend The growth of voice search should be taken into account in your SEO strategy for 2017. Indeed, more and more Internet users are asking Google their questions rather than entering them. In addition, Google often offers # 0 positions on voice searches. Com Score, an American advertising analysis company based in Virginia, estimates that by 2020 there will be 50% of searches carried out orally. SEO for 2017 Content is always ROI The quality of text content is more relevant than ever. Added to the production of quality content, the use of semantic tags allows you to structure and prioritize your text content. Google will appreciate your markup efforts and reward you in return. Indeed, semantic tags help search engines better understand the editorial content of your web pages.

Mobile, responsive design more essential than ever

The essential local SEO The local search continues to grow, this means adopting a SEO strategy for local SEO . Consider incorporating keywords targeting the city and the surrounding area of ​​your physical storefront if your business has one. The HTTPS protocol and the SSL certificate, an obligation? Securing your website by passing it over HTTPS with the SSL certificate is essential today, especially if you collect sensitive data! Google might give you an “ SEO Bonus ” if you don’t delay. Otherwise, you risk losing visitors to secure sites . We are starting to use HTTPS as a positioning factor. For the moment, this indicator has very little weight, in order to give webmasters time to switch to the HTTPS protocol.

Source: Google in August 2014 Mobile applications are still popular Without a direct link to SEO optimization for 2017, mobile applications are still in “fashion”, they are very popular with young people. Google’s priorities, impacts on SEO for 2017? The ambition of Google’s Search Quality Team is to keep the search results as relevant as possible. This implies for Google to fight daily against spam that pollutes the index of its engine. Journalists Danny Sullivan and Barry Schwartz asked Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google in Zurich, what areas webmasters and SEOs need to invest in. Without further explanation, Gary Illyes from Google outlines the 3 SEO priorities for 2017: Machine learning The Learning Machine or machine learning gives machines the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

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