However, when it comes to which blog posts drove the most direct conversions , it comes down to: Intention Intention Intention When you’re able to do all of the above for a keyword that also. Croatia Phone Number. has a clear intent related to something you’re offering, that’s content marketing gold. The takeaways for content marketers: Look for deep intent keywords when doing keyword research for content strategy. Think carefully about the intent of a keyword before creating content that targets it. Croatia Phone Number. Consider a tiered content structure that works for both content scanners and deep readers (and search engine crawlers!).

Blog Posts Drove the Most Direct Croatia Phone Number

If you realize later that your intention is wrong, go back and edit the content. The web is alive. Google updates its algorithm to better respond to searcher intent New year, new algo! Google confirmed a recent core algorithm update, and surprisingly, some of the biggest losers were domains to Croatia Phone Number from high-authority magazines like The Atlantic and The New Yorker. However, it’s not that surprising when you look at where they lost their rankings – on older content that was ranking for third-party brand searches: intent marketing algorithm update In this image from Searchmetrics (sorry if grainy) you can see the Atlantic had ranking pages for keywords such as “netflix” and “pizza hut”.

Conversions It Comes Down to Intention Croatia Phone Number

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Guess what! People looking for “pizza hut” are very unlikely to want to read an old thought about it; they probably just want to find the nearest store or the number to order pizza. By starting these results from rankings, Google recognizes that intent is more important than domain authority . Croatia Phone Number. Noah Lemas from Distilled also noted that this update focuses on addressing user intent. That’s why third-party lead generation. Croatia Phone Number. sites have been another loser in the update — they create an annoying middleman between the searcher and what they’re ultimately trying to find.

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