In this case, a visitor doesn’t want to see a white paper telling them to use promotional products, they probably want to get one of your samples in their hands. Convince them with the product itself, it is personally valuable and they will gladly part with a little information about it. Guatemala Phone Number. In fact, since you have to send them something physical, you can go the extra mile and get even more information about them, like their physical address, to fit into your fantastically maintained. Guatemala Phone Number.  and well-used CRM (*snort, chuckle ok , I’m done laughing now). Offer a good white paper Ha, I caught you, didn’t I? You hate me now, don’t you? Well, remember my original premise.

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It’s not that white papers are inherently bad, it’s their commercial and buzzword content that stinks. Maybe you have a client in an industry who personally values ​​good B2B content over other things. In that case, give people what they want! Spend time creating awesome to Guatemala Phone Number content, maybe even an infographic? Make it thorough, knowledge-rich, and your customers will be happy and coming back for more. …And if you do all of that, then I guess I’m fine with you keeping your white papers. And you? Are there any other personally interesting offers that you would add to the list?

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What’s the most creative offer you’ve come across? About the Author kirk williams Kirk Williams is the owner and servant of ZATO, a PPC marketing agency, and has worked specifically in paid search since 2010. He has written for Search Engine Land, Moz, PPC Hero, and the Bing Ads blog. Guatemala Phone Number. In 2015, Kirk was named one of the Top 5 PPC Rising Stars by PPC Hero and one of the Top 30 PPC Experts to Watch by White Shark Media. Kirk enjoys chatting with PPC, and you can find him at various. Guatemala Phone Number.  conferences across the United States. If you follow him on Twitter, you know he likes to do stupid PPC memes.

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