Find out more information about our clients here . Luxury marketing Canals Online now represents 12% of the market and continues to gain share as customers are increasingly influenced and activated by digital channels, including in their physical purchases. Globally, 75% of luxury transactions have been influenced by virtual channels and 20% to 25% of purchases have been made digitally. Source: Bain & Co. The point is, consumers are expressing a growing interest in digital experiences and online content. According to WeareSocial and Hootsuite’s Digital 2020 report , more than 4.54 billion people (approximately 60% of the world’s population) are currently online and 5.19 billion use mobile phones .

In 2019 alone, 298 million people, mostly from developing economies, joined the World Wide Web. Social media and influencers $ 15 billion – this is the value the influencer marketing industry is expected to reach by 2022 , almost Nepal WhatsApp Number List double the € 8 billion in 2019. Source: Mediakix data . 76% of brands say that, thanks to their influencer partnerships, their sales have grown rapidly. Source: Order . 79% of brands use Instagram for influencer campaigns , compared to Facebook (46%), YouTube (36%), Twitter (24%) and LinkedIn (12%). Source: Influencer Marketing Hub . Some of the highest paid Instagrammers in the world are Kylie Jenner , Ariana Grande, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kim Kardashian West, and Selena Gomez.

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The Elite And The Middle Classes.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, these celebrities make around $ 0.9 million to $ 1 million per post. 101,000 to 500,000 followers: this is the average size of the communities sought by luxury marketers when it comes to choosing an influencer to recommend their brand. Another option is to target established key opinion leaders, those with more than 2 million followers. The goal, in both cases, is to create authentic, high-quality content that delivers what it promises. Source: ORDER . Brand collaborations 60% of Millennials said they bought luxury brand collaborations , compared to 40% of Gen Xers and 20% of Baby Boomers. Source: Forbes .

Globally, the most purchased and well-known collaboration is Louis Vuitton x Supreme , followed by Adidas & Yeezy, Chanel & Pharrell, Nike & Off-white, Fendi & Fila, Louis Vuitton & J. Koons. Source: 2019 True – Luxury Global Consumer Insight 6th Edition . This collaboration between luxury brands and high-end brands has allowed traditional houses to capitalize on disruption. Technology beyond . The adoption of the data analytics tool is the No.1 objective for luxury brands to provide exceptional personalized customer service in 2019 .

For This Second Customer Segment, Demand Risks Significantly During The Crisis And Unnecessary Purchases Postponed.

Brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Dior and Estée Lauder, have already started leveraging big data and AI-based technologies, like machine learning and analytics, to provide their customers with more timely and personalized services. Source: Deloitte Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2019 . 1,790 million: this is the projected value of the global retail and marketing virtual reality market in 2022, including $ 705 million in the Asia-Pacific region, compared to $ 455 million in North America and $ 450 million in Western Europe. Eastern Europe and Latin America are expected to represent $ 70 million over the next two years. Source: Statista .

46% of retailers plan to deploy augmented reality or virtual reality solutions by 2020 , to deliver unified, engaging customer service experiences that tell stories and drive conversion. And by 2020, 100 million consumers are expected to shop in augmented reality, both online and in-store . Source: Gartner Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are particularly effective in staging branded story telling that appeals to consumers and thus extend the reach of marketing efforts. Dior, for example, uses AR to create filters on Facebook and Snapchat that allow fans to try on hats, sunglasses, etc.

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