The indicators used are in fact the same.  Google has reorganized the reports to closely follow the customer lifecycle. The tool is able to analyze each step of the customer journey, from acquisition to retention . It can tell you where your Germany Email Database visitors are coming from, or which conversion actions are preferred. New audiences are also emerging. They evolve according to user behavior. The actions performed can make them switch from one category to another automatically. You can also automate the follow-up for certain events . This is particularly the case for: Pages viewed The scroll Playback of embedded videos Clicks on download links Outgoing clicks Go to the “Measured actions” section to activate monitoring and select the events to analyze.

The bounce rate will disappear. The engagement rate replaces it. Indeed, with the first, a user who consults one of your web pages, even if he has not taken any action, will have a bounce rate of 100%. Google Analytics 4 will now take the interaction with the page into account. Predictive analysis On Universal Analytics, you were entitled to the recommendations offered through Analytics Intelligence. GA4, for its part, relies on predictivity. Its operation is based on machine learning. Thanks to this technology, he is able to spot trends . It then alerts you to the most striking behaviors. It can, for example, tell you an increase in the number of views for one of your products. From now on, you can therefore anticipate consumer behavior .

Germany Email Database

Monitoring focused on the customer’s life cycle

It is then up to you to organize your campaigns in such a way as to present the right offer at the right time. It also saves you from situations such as out of stock. Based on this predictive analysis, new indicators have also emerged. Google Analytics 4, for example, offers you an estimate of the potential income generated by a segment of customers. The tool provides you with this data by tracking the behavior of the affected group. google analytics g4 rgpd Features in line with the GDPR The collection of navigation data is a strictly regulated business. In Europe, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) highlights the best practices to be observed. This regulation obliges you to always ask for the user’s consent to record personal information. The latter also has the choice to authorize or not certain cookies.

But Google is anticipating when current regulations will ban these files. He has thus adapted his application. Rather than relying on cookies or User ID, Google Analytics 4 uses data modeling . He can then recognize a user using the information collected on his identity or his consumption habits. The tool also takes some features that already existed on Universal Analytics and improves them. This is the case for the deletion of data after a defined period or at the request of the user. You can also make the IPs anonymous . An improved interface The data is easily accessible on Google Analytics 4. The tool identifies a set of pre-asked questions . They relate to the activities carried out on your site and the applications.

Synchronization of data from the web and applications

You have the answers directly by clicking on each of them. Google has also redesigned the reports. You will have less, but the data remains complete. They are presented in the form of dashboards, with essential actions and KPIs. Why migrate to the fourth generation of Analytics? Google Analytics 4 has many benefits for advertisers and web entrepreneurs. It changes the way they can interact with customer data. Get a unified view of the customer journey with GA4 Understanding the needs and expectations of its customers is essential in order to set up a successful strategy. To do this, you need to collect as much data as possible. Likewise, precise and accurate information must be available . This is possible thanks to Google Analytics 4.

It can track the actions performed by each user, regardless of the device and platform used. It centralizes your data and thus offers you a 360 ° view of the customer journey . Adapt to the regulations in force for data collection It has become common practice to ask for the user’s consent for cookies and to give them the choice of which filters to activate. The regulations oblige it. Google takes these various restrictions into account, however. The new version of its tracking tool offers alternatives in order to obtain relevant data without breaking the law . Improve the ROI of its campaigns Thanks to its modern and intelligent features, Google Analytics 4 guarantees you better customer knowledge . The data provided is useful for you to refine your strategy. Every action taken will also be measu

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