The keywords most frequently typed by Internet users on search engines change according to the news, a successful film, the release of a new game, etc. At the beginning of each year, Google traces us the previous year through the keywords Congo Email List we use for our searches. For 2016, keywords broke search records . Also, Google provides a tool, called Google Trends, which allows you to: Know the frequency with which a keyword has been typed in the Google search engine, View data by country, language and category. Keyword trends for 2016 Below are the most typed keywords in France in 2016.

Political figures Donald trump Nicolas sarkozy Emmanuel Macron Francois Hollande Hillary Clinton Definitions Empathy Bipolar Pragmatic Resilience Brexit Movies Dead Pool Pattaya Fantastic animals Batman v superman Zootopia Sportsmen Antoine Griezmann Serge Aurier Dimitri Payet Marion bartoli Ben Arfa The news Euro 2016 Pokemon go Tour de France 2016 The Olympic Games 2016 American elections Players Benoît Magimel Virginie efira Jean-Paul Belmondo Meghan markle Jonah hill Video games Fifa 17 Battlefield 1 Uncharted 4 Far Cry Primal Watch Dogs 2 The series Game of thrones season 6 Blindspot Stranger things Westworld The Walking Dead season 7 How? ‘Or’ What ? Download Pokémon go Vote in the right-wing primary Signify dissatisfaction to its management Know if he likes me Cheating at scrabble Songs Kids United .

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What were the most typed keywords on the web in 2016?

We write on the walls Rihanna – Work PNL – In the legend Beyonce – Training LP – Lost On You TV personalities Bertrand chameroy Gilles Verdez Camille Lou David Ginola Erika Moulet Sporting events Euro 2016 The Tour de France 2016 Rio Olympics The Vendée Globe The Copa America 2016 And here is the list of the most typed keywords on the web for 2016 in France. If you want, you can also have the results of the keywords most frequently typed by Internet users around the world by going to Google Trends .  A few reminders on key words The key word, which can also be written as “key word” or “key word” or even “key word” is a word or a group of words having a high importance.

It characterizes the content of a document and allows a rapid search on search engines. This is why the choice of keywords to highlight in your web pages is essential to obtain good SEO . If you have targeted the right keywords and if your editorial content is optimized, you will have all the chances of obtaining good positioning for your website. The goal is to get your site on the first page of Google results when a user types a request. For example: if your company needs a commercial brochure or a redesign of your website to better communicate about your activities. You will therefore type “commercial brochure” on Google: search keywords commercial brochureSearch carried out with the keyword commercial brochure Choosing the right keywords is the foundation of any SEO strategy .

Also find the video footage produced by Google to retrace the year 2016.

To learn more about the importance of keywords for a website, we invite you to read: How to choose the right keywords for the SEO of your site? What will be the most typed keywords for 2017? How do you know which keywords will be typed the most by Internet users for 2017? Thanks to Google Trends , you can test keywords related to your activity or your interests to check their trends, up or down. If you do not have time to go to Google Trends, we look forward to seeing you in January 2018 for the most popular keywords of 2017.

internet referencing audit positioning audit of the AntheDesign agency website carried out with YOODA SEEURANK CLOUD You can get a good overview of the internet referencing of your site by going to the FREEMIUM version of YOODA INSIGHT . If you need local SEO or to be listed on a long tail keyword , Generally, you will get results faster and easier than with competitive keywords. The pitfalls of natural referencing If you are promised to be the first on Google in 3 days for a competitive request, run away !! To get results faster, some SEO agencies and some SEO consultants do not hesitate to use black hat SEO techniques . Conclusion Internet referencing, natural or paid , is today essential to hope to one day be in first position on Google, what are you waiting for to start!

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