Chatbots have become an essential tool for luxury brands, but their use is not done in isolation. They are contextually associated with AR / VR, 3D configurators, storytelling and personalized human interaction to create a harmonious experience worth reliving and sharing. 7. Contamination through collaboration with high-end brands Oman WhatsApp Number List Today’s consumers have a choice between traditional luxury brands and high-end fashion. Brands like Off-White, Vetements and Supreme have built a solid following by limiting their production, launching products on the fly and working on the “one-time-to-buy” mania.

Streetwear brands are ditching merchandising and exploiting what is now called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to induce a sense of urgency and uniqueness. By analyzing the brand attachment that streetwear fashion engenders and how it arouses the curiosity and engagement of its audience, established luxury brands have opened up to new ways of reaching the youngest segment and the most modern of their audience. Louis Vuitton x Supreme, Manolo Blahnik x Vetements and Jimmy Choo x Off-White are just a few examples of brand contaminations that have allowed traditional houses to capitalize on disruption. 8. Confidentiality and regulations If we analyze current marketing approaches, luxury brands seem to have a wide range of options and tactics at their disposal.

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But with great opportunities also come great responsibilities. On the one hand, consumers expect brands to deliver perfectly tailored and relevant experiences, but on the other hand they want their privacy to be respected and they are uncomfortable sharing their information between parties. different digital channels. Requirements like those imposed by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect in May 2018 , or the California Consumer Privacy Act , limit how businesses collect and use personal data. Luxury brands must therefore be extremely careful with the strategies they deploy. In addition, countries like the United States have also imposed rules on influencer marketing.

They demand that the brand-influencer relationship be transparent and have made hashtags like #pub and # sponsored mandatory. Conclusions Luxury brands today must re-examine their values and analyze the relationships that new demographic segments have with them. In a world that has become hyper-technological, adaptability is crucial. New media and tools must be implemented to deliver the personalized customer service and tailored experiences that will keep consumers engaged.We are structured and organized to take full advantage of the strengths of design thinking and put them at the service of the brands we support.

We always start from their product or their service to imagine a new digital experience around them that is both meaningful for the user and performance for the company. An approach that promotes commitment and conversion Based on this approach, we have thus succeeded in identifying a recurring demand for personalization in the luxury sector. For Guerlain and Baccarat, we have therefore developed virtualization and 3D personalization experiences, online and in stores, which are fun, qualitative and efficient. This 3D lipstick configurator for Guerlain has succeeded in increasing conversion rates on the brand’s digital platforms . The Rouge G, Guerlain’s best-seller, as well as the Abeille bottle are now fully customizable online through an effective scenography that fully meets customer expectations.

From an intuitive interface, hosted on the brand’s website, the user virtually personalizes, but with absolute precision, his lipstick, from the shade to the case, or his perfume, from the ribbon to the juice via the engraving. For Baccarat, we have also designed a unique experience, in store this time. Customers can now, with the help of a salesperson equipped with a tablet, compose their custom chandelier in just a few clicks. With pieces that can contain several hundred elements (crystals, branches…), this sometimes represents millions of possible combinations! The very precise rendering of light reflections on the Baccarat crystal and the real-time modification of the various elements of the chandelier chosen by the customer made this virtualization project particularly ambitious.

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