According to the Comm100 Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019, the average wait time (the length of time a visitor waits until an agent joins the chat) is 48 seconds. If they are asked to wait longer, they tend to leave the chat. It goes to show how Venezuela WhatsApp Number List much users have become accustomed to faster and easier communication . In addition, built on complex algorithms, chatbots are faster in identifying users, researching their information and their consumption patterns. And they are able to handle an unlimited number of requests.

Additionally, an AI chatbot anticipates user behavior: it knows when the consumer leaves your site, places an order, or needs help. This makes it much easier to place targeted marketing and improve efficiency. A chatbot offers real-time shopping assistance, like the one customers receive in-store. In a world where consumers have a plethora of options at the push of a button, brand loyalty is extremely difficult to achieve and maintain. A high level of responsiveness and personalization is no longer just an added value but a standard procedure: today’s consumers can buy the same thing from different sources or adopt another brand that offers a better customer experience.

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This especially applies to the luxury industry where companies compete to embody a vision and style that must be constantly expressed and manifested to their stakeholders and customers. A sculpin increases the engagement rate of consumers and helps hatch leads. Chatbots don’t just answer questions. Based on user profile, they can initiate a conversation, offer discounts, recall pending items in the cart, and help complete the purchase. All of these functions allow brands to build stronger relationships with their audiences and make consumers more open to their messages.

Chatbot technology helps reduce costs Due to the reduction in resources spent on hiring, training and retaining staff, research shows that by 2022 globally, chatbots will generate more than $ 8 billion in savings . For those who plan to expand their business into new markets and offer customer service in different languages, chatbots are the solution to grow without having to worry about diversifying human resources or any other unnecessary investment. Sectors that use AI chatbots Given all of these benefits, AI chatbot technology can be leveraged by businesses for both internal and external communication to target employees, B2B and B2C customers as well as other stakeholder segments.

This form of virtual assistance has become a crucial marketing tool integrated with social networks, websites and apps. It is also implemented on internal platforms to make life easier for human resources or accounting because an AI chatbot can do everything: conduct conversations, guide users through a procedure, issue a support ticket, collect and distribute information. . The industries that have embraced chatbots are those with a strong focus on customer service : banking, utilities, healthcare, fashion, retail, FMCG and beauty, etc.

Chatbots are adopted by the luxury industry and are becoming more versatile The luxury industry has been using chatbots since 2016 when the technology was first launched, but it’s only in recent years that their integration into more complex projects has gained attention. One of the early adopters was Tommy Hilfiger who, during New York Fashion Week in 2016, launched the Gigi Hadid collection and chose to launch a chatbot on Facebook Messenger to create an engaging personalized customer experience. This initiative allowed users to get quick fashion tips, find the right clothes, read the lookbook, or browse behind-the-scenes shots of Gigi, Bella and Joan Smalls.

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