Significance of the use of social media in China We Are Social Digital 2020 , released in January, positions China as the second fastest growing market for internet penetration , increasing 23% from last year to 840 million internet users , the world’s largest online community . 72% of the total population uses social media , 15 million more in Italy WhatsApp Number List April 2020 than in the same month last year. In addition, a Chinese user has an average of 9.6 active and inactive social media accounts and spends 2 hours and 12 minutes per day on their favorite services. As the numbers show, local social networks are particularly popular.

Indeed, the conventional platforms Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are not available in China, but their niche is occupied by extremely popular national social networks like Tencent, WeChat and Weibo. These local networks attract more than 700 million users each year, making China the largest social media market in the world. The adoption of multi-functional platforms like Tmall and WeChat further narrows the gap between e-commerce and social media, which offers huge business opportunities. As the data shows, 64% of internet users aged 16 to 64 have made purchases online in the past year and the average amount spent per capita is $ 1,021 .

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Connection between luxury marketing and Chinese social media According to a study by McKinsey, social media, consumers are seeking information on the latest products and luxury lifestyles and they are strongly influenced by key opinion leaders (KOL – Key Opinion Leaders ). To keep up with this trend, traditional e-commerce platforms like Tabao have fleshed out their social attributes . At the same time, the social media platforms like Weibo and WeChat developed shopping features that allow Chinese consumers to order directly and quickly the newly discovered marks on social networks Chinese social networks established WeChat.

the most popular and versatile network WeChat is the fifth most used social media platform in the world with over 1 billion daily active users . 45 billion messages were sent daily on the platform and 410 million audio and video calls were made each day. Initially, WeChat was an instant messaging application allowing user-to-user communication. But the network has evolved to house different modules, including mobile payment, online shopping (B2B and B2C), news media and services like ticket booking, food and grocery delivery, as well. than video games and racing. WeChat has become an irreplaceable all-in-one platform. Luxury brands were quickly drawn to this versatile network.

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Big names like Cartier, Louis Vuitton, and Bulgari all market and sell products on WeChat. Here is a list of best practices used by brands: Cooperate with a large audience through popular KOLs on WeChat to increase brand awareness through content or collaborations or to sell products directly. The WeChat Mini program : an interactive platform with multiple features where brands and consumers can communicate. It allows marketers to share brand information, handle inquiries and after-sales issues, create pop-up stores online, and more.

Use the proprietary search engine WeChat to attract potential customers. Advertise in Wow , which follows a format similar to user-generated content but with a sponsored tag. Open branded accounts where businesses run marketing campaigns, post content, interact with audiences, and directly sell products. Encourage user-generated content to promote brand awareness among friends and family by providing the ability to post and share edited posts, photos, videos and links. Other WeChat features used by marketers include location services, html campaigns, as well as the WeChat payment solution . We have to stress here that this network is an excellent platform for cooperation with KOLs to publish sponsored content and make brands known to a new audience .

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