Indeed, identify avenues for reflection before committing to this crucial step, will help you in the development of your business. Create a corporate culture Digitization will affect several departments of your company and will profoundly change the way you work, communicate and process information. This is why your corporate culture must be rethought and remodeled according to the coming digitization, in particular in terms of skills and procedures. Train your teams In this process, training of your employees is necessary. Indeed, your teams must obtain training that allows them to understand and assimilate the digital transformation and how to apply it in the activity. Training sessions can be set up to make teams aware of the challenges of digital transformation.

Evolve your organization charts towards a digital form When your teams are trained and aware, it is time for you to evolve your organization into a suitable form . Thus, you will have to create positions in line with the digital transition, by Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email List hiring competent people. For example, you could adopt a so-called hybrid model : each department in your organization will have digital capacity to develop their own needs, and they will be coordinated by a digital team that will oversee the entire activity. Establish a digital strategy Being well prepared is the key to success, which is why designing a strategic roadmap is a must, to facilitate the planning and implementation of your digital transition. Your strategy must be tailor-made for your business and its activity, so it will be optimal. All coordinated by an adapted and competent team.

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Why Is Supporting R&d Efforts Important?

establish a digital strategy Be ready for your digitalization with the digital agency SQUIRREL!In the digital age, it is high time for you to initiate your digital transformation by adjusting and reinventing your organization . But beware, it is not enough to set up digital tools or digitize your sales channels. Indeed, in order to make your company agile, efficient and more competitive, digitalization must cover all aspects of your organization. It is the processes that drive innovation, not the technologies. Nevertheless, this transition constitutes a real challenge, it is therefore essential for you to provide an upstream reflection, through the identification of relevant initiatives to be implemented within your organization.

In this process, it is important to ask a certain number of questions: What are the objectives to be set? What timeframe? For what results? And especially where to start? Through this article, we offer you a line of thought before embarking on this crucial phase which is digitalization. Summary Evaluate the maturity of your business! Squirrel Corp is here to support you! Now you are able to identify your needs! Prepare your business for digital transformation: But how? Create a corporate culture Train your teams Evolve your organization charts towards a digital form Establish a digital strategy Be ready for your digitalization with the digital agency SQUIRREL! Evaluate the maturity of your business! assess the maturity of your business Successful transformation requires, above all, good preparation! The first step in controlling and growing your business is “measurement”.

Training Sessions Can Be Set Up To Make Teams Aware Of The Challenges Of Digital Transformation.

An assessment of your company’s digital maturity will allow you to measure your company’s level of mastery over all digital practices and know-how. Thus, you will be able to determine the remaining path to follow, to make your transition a success. By effectively observing your internal and external environment, you will be able to determine the factors that slow down the evolution and adaptation of your activity. The successful diagnosis of the digital maturity of your company is based on 5 dimensions: Your business model: The first step is to analyze how your offer meets the needs of your customers and think about a strategy in order to sustain and develop your business. For this, you will assess your value chain and your distribution chains. Thus, you will be able to identify the role that digital will play in your development strategy.

Your customer experience and relationship: Your digital maturity depends on your ability to understand and interact with your customers. You will need to analyze your processes, in order to be able to put in place an infrastructure that will allow your customers to benefit from an optimal and personalized experience. By focusing on their experience, you will be able to use digital technology to enrich your customer relationships and their journey. Your internal processes: Here it is crucial to analyze what has been implemented in your organizational process . You must ask yourself how digitalization can improve your processes in order to gain in productivity. Indeed, it is essential to determine the data of your activity and to improve it to survive in the market.


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