Teleworking is part of a dynamic of change , it makes it possible to work remotely, generally from home. Many people are won over by this new way of working, mainly for a better quality of personal and professional life . For young parents, this lifestyle can be very enjoyable because they are closer to their children which results in an Turks and Caicos Islands Email List improvement in the quality of life. In addition, employees find it easier to concentrate and can be more productive thanks to these better working conditions. teleworktelework Working remotely for a business doesn’t have to mean working from home all the time. It is also possible to alternate periods of work at home and work in the company. This solution is the most popular with companies.

It allows the teleworker and the manager to maintain the professional link. The telecommuting is an ideal solution for employees: want a balance between their professional and private life, spend a lot of time traveling between home and work, need concentration and calm to work better, have a mobility handicap, mainly work by phone and email.  A person who teleworks independently creates his own business and his own job. She therefore becomes an employer and loses her employee status. For some people there are advantages to being their own boss. The freelance teleworker has several roles at the same time; he must be : the manager, He will have to ensure the administration, the management of his company.

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Employee teleworking

the commercial field, He will have to seek his customers, make offers, proposals, prospecting and mailing. the boss, He will have to manage his business well. What is a telecentre? Teleworking is not determined by working from home, but working remotely. The telecentre is a real estate resource, made up of offices equipped with IT tools such as ERP and other amenities made available to teleworkers. telecentre The advantages and disadvantages of teleworking Teleworking involves new relationships between the company and its employees, which requires the development of a relationship of trust. Advantages ? On an ecological level, teleworking contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing travel. For the company, teleworking generally results in an increase in productivity ( estimated at around 20% ), a reduction in costs (heating, electricity, water, etc.) and building maintenance costs.

Increasing employee motivation and reducing delays linked to travel difficulties (subways, trains, traffic jams) also represent significant advantages. The inconvenients ? Teleworking can cause isolation among employees working at home (lack of team dynamics). Working at home requires great autonomy as well as good organization. How is teleworking perceived in companies? In France France has fallen behind in this area, it is gradually catching up. Business leaders have relative confidence in their employees. They think that some people would not work and be productive. It is for this main reason that France is lagging far behind Germany, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands. There is a total of 17% of teleworkers in France.

Independent teleworking

The legislative framework begins to move with the law known as “Warsmann” of March 22, 2012 , but the culture of French companies still represent obstacles for teleworking in France. Despite everything, French companies are starting to adopt teleworking, with Nordic companies as a model. teleworker In the Nordic countries In the Netherlands, one in three employees works at home. In Holland, one in two Dutch companies employ teleworkers. There are several reasons for this Dutch telework boom: more flexible & simpler legislation, an observation of the improvement in productivity & employee motivation, the low cost of the investments to be made by the company to put an employee in telework. a culture adapted to teleworking. In short… Teleworking is a good way to improve the quality of personal and professional life. People who telecommute aren’t stressed out like they would in an office.

France is making up for lost time in this area for several years. This new way of working has a promising future (By the way, thank you COVID-19 )! ERP can also be a complete and integrated solution to manage the activities of the company’s teleworker. Thanks to the development of network infrastructures, this type of subscription allows companies to fully outsource their ERP To find out more about the current state of teleworking in France, you can read our article: Where is teleworking in France? State of play and perceptualWe are also led to ask ourselves another question: Can the intensive or even exclusive consumption of the keyboard modify the personality of users? Will they end up thinking like machines? To meditate…New media then arrive through social networks .

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