From animated gifs to memorable memes, short videos to infographics. Snackable content is rapidly becoming a must-have as part of your .Broader content and social media strategy. However, snackable content is more than just low-hanging fruit – it has a. Job to do for your brand, be it enhancing your voice or adding value to your audience. We’ve pulled together this intro to snackable content, including what it is. What it does, and how to start creating it. What is snackable content? As the name suggests, snackable content relates .To bite-sized pieces of digital content that are easily consumed and shared.

Being Highly Visual, Snackable Content Is Extremely

capturing people’s attention as they scroll through online channels on a mobile device. When executed correctly, a snackable content strategy can improve your brand’s social capital through chargeability. Being a faster transaction than longer-form France Phone Number content, snackable content is more likely to be shared in a condensed moment of impact. As snackable content is typically easier to prepare and publish, it is a handy way to keep your followers’ social media appetite satiated. However, it does come with its own unique challenges.

Maintaining Relevance to Your Brand and Its Values Is the

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golden rule. What does this mean in practice? It might be tempting to share the latest trending meme, but if it’s not on brand, save it for your personal accounts. Is Long Form Content Dead? No, and nor will it be anytime soon. Long-form plays a completely different role at the opposite end of the buyer’s journey. It is still necessary for many reasons. In addition to performing better in search engines, longer-form content is important for establishing brand authority and helps convert people at the pointy end of the sales funnel. Snackable and long-form content can be used as a one-two punch, however, if your snackable content is used as bait to hook traffic for longer pieces. (In this scenario, use snackable content principles and apply them to the layout of your long-form item.


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