Being able to go to events and show off new sneakers or bags provides a contact consumers lack. While these aren’t possible to the same extent as in 2019, Gen Z and Millennials still engage in activities that give them a sense of belonging and make them feel recognized. To do this, in today’s world, consumers have shifted their interests and expectations to their avatars, either those they’ve created for themselves in video games and esports challenges , or on Luxembourg Phone Number List social media. These are their digital representations. With the global number of esports players expected to reach 495 million , according to Newzoo, there is a good pool of users who are building communities and engaging with each other; therefore, online communities should be treated by luxury marketers with equal dedication.

5. Online environments promote word of mouth in real life Gucci’s digital strategy is not just about attracting consumers to its stores or other sales channels, but also creating a digital buzz, whether in gaming communities or on social media. The company tries to achieve its goal without offering its products to influencers and brands in an ostentatious way. The brand is keen to become the most talked about online because it knows that by creating excitement online, it could replicate the effect in real life. 6. No desire to buy should be neglected By partnering with esports and gaming platforms and offering digital versions of their items for sale, Gucci is proving that it intends to turn every fan into a consumer , regardless of income, social status and location. .

Luxembourg Phone Number List

For Example, They Can Defuse Bombs, Go To Space, Etc.

While decades ago, luxury brands used sundries, such as belts, wallets, and small leather goods, to attract less fortunate consumers before introducing them to the standards and experiences of businesses today. hui, Gucci is doing the same digitally. Contact us: 3D visualization, augmented reality, virtual testing, personalization Hapticmedia has over 15 years of expertise in immersive technologies including 3D visualization, customization and configuration, engraving, augmented reality, virtual testing, and is supported and covered by LVMH, Forbes, Les Echos, Le Point, BFMTV. Consult our client projects here with Gerlain, Kenzo, Baume & Mercier , Baccarat, Edenly or contact us now to see the concrete improvement we will bring to you.

Artificial intelligence in marketing Global spending on artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to reach $ 77.6 billion by 2022 , according to a study, while its business value, as estimated by Gartner, is expected to reach $ 3.9 trillion . In addition, the McKinsey State of AI survey shows that 50% of companies surveyed have adopted AI in at least one business function, mainly in service operations, product or service development. , marketing and sales. In fact, 17% of those who use artificial intelligence deploy this technology for customer service analysis and 14% for customer segmentation . Last but not least, more than two-thirds of the people questioned who say they have adopted it in these areas say that its use has increased their turnover .

Programmatic Advertising That Drives Conversions.

Among these functions, the majority of the people questioned declared having increased their turnover for the optimization of stocks and parts, the pricing and the promotion, the analysis of the customer service but also the forecast of the sales and the demand. AI technology not only increases revenue, but also improves conversion rates and customer experiences for online shopping . According to an Evergage study, when it comes to the benefits of AI personalization , 63% of respondents mentioned the increase in conversion rates, while 61% confirmed the improvement in the customer experience. . Definition of artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence by machines ,

which are designed and programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions, especially with regard to speech recognition, problem solving, learning and speech. planning. Artificial intelligence is the use of machines to streamline and perform tasks like a human would, in order to achieve a specific goal. This technology offers machines a high level of autonomy, which results in the efficient execution of iterative tasks. The history of artificial intelligence The emergence of artificial intelligence is attributed to scientists, mathematicians and philosophers who have explored its possibilities.

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