Adwords ads are presented to Internet users who are actively seeking information or products and services related to your business or activity. The principle of operation of Google AdWords is based on a system of bidding on keywords . It encourages advertisers to raise the stakes to appear among the first search results using the keywords chosen Botswana Email List for their campaigns. google adwords logoGoogle AdWords logo Google AdWords logo The advertiser is informed during the creation of his campaign of a range of “ Cost Per Click” , it remains for him to define his maximum CPC according to his campaign objectives and his budget. The CPC is directly related to the competition on the keywords of the ad and the targeting carried out. Update 06/29/2018 : Google has announced that Google AdWords will become Google Ads as of July 24, 2018 .

This name change will be accompanied by a new visual identity and a new address with a change from to If you want to know more about this change, you can check out the official Google article on the evolution of its advertising solutions . google ads logoGoogle Ads logo The advantages and strengths of the AdWords program: The possibility of carrying out precise targeting using keywords : language, geographic location, Internet users’ interests, etc. The ability to create and distribute a campaign according to your budget , whether small or large, AdWords is accessible to everyone, The possibility of CPC or CPM invoicing depending on your objectives ( cost per click or cost per impression), 30% of Internet users click on sponsored links following their searches, Reactivity, your ad is posted in less than 24 hours.

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What is Google AdWords?

The possibility of quickly measuring the effectiveness of its campaign and optimizing its CTR (click-through rate) , a precise analysis of the behavior of Internet users thanks to the coupling with Google Analytics. Make your AdWords campaign a success An AdWords campaign successful is the combination of good control of its budget , a relevant keyword selection , a simple and effective ad and a good targeting . Regular monitoring and updating are also essential to optimize your ROI (return on investment) . A successful campaign will bring you a good conversion rate. Do not hesitate to call on the expertise of a web agency to advise you or supervise your online advertising campaigns.

Google AdWords logo Some numbers : 94% of Internet users type their queries on the Google search engine, 30,000 , total daily cost of the hotel keyword, 17,600 for the word travel, 43.61 , cost of the click on the expression “online poker tournament” . To know more : Google ADWORDS: How to create and optimize your campaign? Google Trends and trend analysis to improve your Adwords campaign Measure the performance of your Adwords campaign with Google Analytics. From photos to books, via the Internet, music and cinema, digital technology is bringing about a real upheaval in our societies, with the image at the forefront. Today, 80% of French people are connected to the Internet and at least 73% of them declare that they can no longer do without it , moreover needs and behaviors are constantly evolving.

What will be the future of digital?

Update as of May 10, 2021: 89% of French people are connected to the Internet 39 million internet users use social networks 47 million “mobile users” Study “Digital technology in France in 2020” Little reminder: what is a digital image? A digital ( raster ) image is a composition of multitudes of pixels ( small dots ) of colors, usually rectangular. The pixel is also a basic unit for measuring a digital image ( dots per inch PPP or pixels per inch PPI ). The greater the pixel density for a given area, the greater the definition of the image. The objective is therefore to assemble pixels to obtain a digital image that we can then: duplicate, to print, or upload without loss of quality.

digital image carousel What does it have in store for the future? Whether in the professional world and in our daily lives, we observe a growing Internet consumption. This consumption is further amplifying with the arrival of smartphones and other tablet PCs, with new applications and new uses. These communication tools allow an accelerated development of companies, it is a real engine of evolution and growth. New information and communication technologies ( ICT ) are impacting our lifestyles, from education ( operation Ordi60 ) to digital terrestrial television, ICTs are invading almost all areas of our society. The digital image is present everywhere and in all forms, with an increasing quality year after year, it eclipses even the film in our cinemas. The digital image has killed the film in the photo in a decade .

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