The Black Hat SEO is a discipline. It consists of referencing a website using SEO techniques that do not comply with Google’s rules and recommendations . For its part, Google is constantly improving its algorithm and penalizes low-quality content that takes advantage of these methods. This struggle, however, pushes Black Hat SEO specialists to go even further. Black Hat SEO Techniques There are many SEO techniques used to trick Google’s algorithm , here is a list of the most commonly used: Cloaking (content offered to the engine, but hidden from visitors), misleading URL redirects (the content presented to Internet users is different from that presented to search engines), doorway pages (pages with duplicate content and low quality).

the massive and automated creation of links with SEO software, use duplicate content for Negative SEO , the creation of “inconsistent” links in Greenland Email List terms of the content of the linked pages, the links in the comments of the forums (spamCo or comment spam), domain names with many keywords spaced by hyphens, looting of content from competing sites, the purchase of domain names with high PageRank to obtain dofollow backlinks, automatic content generation (low quality content) … Google sanctions all these techniques, the Panda and Penguin filters are there to track down these practices that do not comply with Google’s guidelines.

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What is Black Hat?

A Black Hat SEO strategy remains profitable according to their promoters for the following reason: before the website concerned is penalized by Google, it has time to explode its visits, even its sales and therefore the turnover for a site e-commerce. This strategy remains dangerous, its practice is strongly discouraged by our web agency because Black Hat can have serious consequences in addition to Google penalties . You will certainly be identified as a spammer and some spammers can then use these same techniques to harm your website. How? ‘Or’ What ? By sending you massive spam emails, by duplicating your content …

this flip side is called Negative SEO. Conclusion If you reference a website to make it visible over time, avoid Black Hat, the risk of being sanctioned by Google and disappearing from search results is high.Why is your website penalized by Google? The first consequence of the Panda or Penguin penalties is a rapid drop in the SEO efficiency of the affected website. Below is a complementary list of some factors that may explain your website’s loss of visibility in search results: Over-optimization of keywords in pages, content and images, The use of Black Hat techniques (generation of artificial links), The presence of low quality content or copied from other sites, Footer links (abuse of links with optimized anchors in the footer) , Excessively long page loading speed, The excess of links (cross-linking) on one of the pages of your website.

The risks for your SEO

Actions to be taken in the event of a sanction In the case of a manual penalty, before asking Google to review your website, you will need to take a series of actions to make your site meet Google’s quality criteria: Examine your website, all on-site aspects and make your website SEO friendly , Rework the internal criteria, Remove the actions taken that displease Google and analyze your backlinks , Enrich pages with little text content, Delete the copied text content, Deindex unnecessary pages, Correct 404 errors , Rework your text content by taking care of it, Revisit or even modify some keywords (beware of misuse) To conclude, The main objective of Google penalties is to make websites more qualitative and to fight cheaters.

Concerning you, be on the lookout for these penalties for your website because Google updates (Google Updates or quality updates) have already brought down websites, a Google penalty can lead to the bankruptcy of a company, especially when ‘it is an e-commerce site. If you think you are a victim of Google Panda or Google Penguin, contact a web agency to understand the origin of the problem and to remedy it, several factors can be at the origin of the Google penalties. For this article, several keywords that have been the subject of previous articles have links to other articles on the AntheDesign blog .You can check your backlinks with Google Search Console ( Search traffic Links to your site) and Bing Webmaster.

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