In all areas, before carrying out work on a product, a diagnosis must be carried out. This diagnosis, like the SEO technical audit, will help the professional find the faults in your product in order to correct them effectively. For referencing, we also use the same method. By verifying specific points via the SEO technical audit, it is possible to find technical flaws that penalize your position on search engines. For SEO to be effective, you need to apply Myanmar Email List a certain strategy. For this strategy to be relevant, it is necessary to know and analyze the current performance of the site. Thus, the SEO technical audit allows above all to target the various points to be worked on as a priority. Indeed, once the negative points have been updated, it will be easier to improve your natural referencing.

Because each site is different, they cannot be treated the same. The audit is therefore an element which will make it possible to adapt the strategy according to the niche. For example, a craftsman will need localized SEO to sell his services. Conversely, a tennis ball seller, sending his products throughout France, will not need a local listing to find his customers. Finally, the revealed checkpoints are worked on to be able to achieve the best position on the SERPs of search engines. Getting to the first page and the first few lines is a very important goal. Indeed, more than 90% of web users stay on the first page. In this percentage of users, 30% of them stop at the first line of the search engine. It is therefore important to analyze the weak points of a site before setting up an SEO strategy.

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What are the different points checked in this audit?

SEO technical audit  Many points will be important during the SEO technical audit. But if all the checkpoints are more or less essential, there are 16 that should not be neglected. Among these 16 elements, we can find: Analysis of position results The number of pages already positioned The speed of the site Analysis of the robots.txt file The functionality of the various external links and their quality Control of the level of security applied Checking for 404 errors URL analysis Analysis of the different tags The weight of images The proper functioning of the cache Control of redirects Optimizing your site will allow you to find yourself on the first page in search engines. This positioning allows you to expand your clientele and make your business prosper.

By working on the weaknesses of your professional online space, you can quickly position yourself on the web and thus fully control your market.It could be another page on your website (by accident) or a competitor’s page. This duplicated text can also be the result of a patchwork of several contents found on different sites. To avoid duplicating content by mistake, you can use tools like Plagium, which detects plagiarized content on the web. Why Are These Blackhat SEO Practices Harming Your SEO? Blackhat techniques work very well. Your site will indeed very quickly reach the first results on Google.

The SEO technical audit is a solid and essential basis to be able to make your concept fruitful .

However, they are not durable. Indexing robots now quickly identify these fraudulent and unfair methods. The risk is therefore to suffer heavy penalties. These can range from demoting your site to its outright demise from the SERP . Your site then becomes useless and all the investments made will have been in vain. In conclusion, White Hat SEO methods certainly take longer to yield results. But they will be more effective in the long term and above all much more durable. Your return on investment will then be greater.Improve site navigation For a site to be well analyzed by Google, it must also be well structured and easy to find.

To do this, it is first necessary that the pages of the site are unique, functional, pleasant to see and responsive. A well-structured site should also at least contain a home page, an offer page, a contact page, an “about” page and other useful pages, without overdoing it. Finally, a structured site is a site with content respecting languages ​​understandable by Google. Consequently, an article published on the web must use html language, respect the use of different tags and properly optimize the image, PDF or video content.

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