An ERP (or Integrated Management Software) structures the organization of a company. It makes it possible to manage all of the key processes. Users from different professions work in an identical software environment built on a single database. An ERP ensures: data integrity, reduction of processing and data entry times, the non-redundancy of information. This results in productivity gains . Is it made for all areas of activity? An ERP is oriented according to the user’s job. The objective being to be an organizational support for the whole company. It tends towards a global and simplified management. The needs of manufacturers (inventory management, raw material supply, manufacturing monitoring, maintenance management, etc.).

Are very different from those of service companies (management of subscriptions, training, projects, etc.) , editors of software have Bolivia Email List adapted their offerings. The choice of relevant software and its configuration are therefore essential to correspond to the specificity of your activity . It is very common that setting up and deploying an ERP requires an investment of time that is often underestimated, as well as the assistance of a specialized service provider . A Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP is a concept of offering a software subscription rather than purchasing a license. In addition, thanks to the development of network infrastructures, this type of subscription allows companies to fully outsource their ERP (remote data hosting).

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An ERP in Software as a Service mode?

Also allowing it to be assimilated to an operating cost rather than an investment. SaaS mode also allows, depending on the service contracts offered, the possibility of terminating the contract at any time by retrieving this data in standard formats. The ERP offer in Software as a Service mode by AntheDesign? ErpDesign is the ERP solution used and offered by AntheDesign, it is a Software as a Service mode solution hosted on a remote server, it meets the needs of craftsmen, associations (member management) and micro-businesses and SMEs.

The main management functions of ErpDesign are as follows: Contacts, prospects, customers, suppliers and members Quote issuance Issuing of invoices Commercial follow-up, mailing (Customer Relationship Management / CRM) Accounting, VAT, bank reconciliation (excluding transmission of the tax package) Project monitoring Agenda (linked and merged with Client Relations Management) Stock Document management (dematerialization of files) Because each ERP integration is unique, the ErpDesign offer is 100% adaptable: from functionalities to the resumption of your company’s visual identity. In conclusion, an ERP is a complete and integrated solution to manage the activities of your company . This modular solution adapts to the current needs of your business.

How do you get the web search trends in 2012?

And supports you in every evolution of your business.Knowing the research of Internet users on the web is a real competitive advantage, provided that you constantly adapt. google-trends Google also offers a new keyword analysis tool, called Google Trends “Research trends” . This tool replaces Google Insights for Search, it generates a graphical representation of the search volume on the most popular keywords according to geographic targeting and the categories chosen. To achieve this result, Google Trends calculates the number of searches on the keywords entered by Internet users compared to the total number of searches carried out on Google over a given period. It also makes it possible to track the interest that Internet users have in them over time.

top 10 What are the “Top 10” searches and trends on the French Web in 2012? After Facebook and Twitter, Google has posted its results of user searches for 2012 online: the Google Zeitgeist 2012 (Google’s annual journal) . The Top 10 of the strongest search increases between 2011 and 2012: 1 Free Mobile 2 Euro 2012 3 Secret Story 4 Brief 5 6 RTBF 7 Mappy 8 Jo 2012 9 Whitney Houston 10 Mytf21 And the cuisine is not left out, it also has its Top 10 with in order: Leg of lamb, Hamburger, Fondue Savoyarde, Tagliatelle Carbonara, Chicken Fries, Profiteroles, Pot Au Feu, Salmon Pavé, Raclette and Tartiflette to close this top 10. In the register of social networks, according to Twitter, the 3 most popular conversations in France in 2012 are.

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