This is unfortunately a practice used by followers of NEGATIVE SEO and you can be a victim at any time. Decryption of a concrete case of DMCA with its consequences. With the help of manipulated and diverted instruments such as the DMCA withdrawal request, sites thus artificially rank in the first results of search engines . Spotlight Solomon Islands Email List on a Negative SEO technique that can cause a significant loss of visibility to your website. Reminder: Negative SEO encompasses various natural referencing techniques considered unethical and punishable by search engines.

These techniques are primarily aimed at harming the natural positioning of a competing website in search engine results. They are carried out by malicious competitors who prefer to impact your own SEO rather than pushing theirs to achieve better results. What is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act? The DMCA is a US law that aims to protect online service providers through removal processes for content that appears to infringe the copyrights of third parties. Malicious competitors, so-called SEO specialists, attempt to remove highly ranked web pages from search engine results. The manipulation is very easy, it simply consists of issuing a DMCA withdrawal request.  Anyone can issue a notification through a DMCA takedown form.

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DMCA removal, a too common negative SEO technique

This withdrawal request is accessible on various websites aggregating third party notifications of complaints such as These complaints result in the swift removal of allegedly fraudulent content from search engines. The victim, the publisher of the targeted website, receives a notification via Google Search Console . This notification simply reports the alleged infringement with the option to complete a DMCA dispute notification. Another option is to contact a lawyer to settle the dispute. These deletions do not generally seem to give rise to prior checks on the veracity of the alleged plagiarism. Concrete case of a DMCA withdrawal Our agency recently received a notification to remove one of its content from Google search, in accordance with the DMCA.

The notification takes the following form: ”We have been cautioned that under the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), certain materials available on your site appear to infringe the copyrights of third parties. The process to remove suspected illegal content from Google search results is ongoing. “ The notification received indicates the URL of the content in question. It also makes the content of the notification received by the Legal Complaints Notification Aggregator accessible, but removes any personal information about the complainant. In this recent case, Google deindexed the allegedly plagiarized page before even verifying the merits of the plagiarism complaint. Following the deindexing of the content in question without prior verification.

How does the removal of alleged plagiarized content work?

We then issued a dispute notification to the search engine. The response to this challenge was as follows: We will forward the dispute notice to the claimant. If we do not receive a notice that the claimant has taken legal action within 10 days, we will restore the material in question. The consequences of the DMCA withdrawal request Google has effectively deindexed the abusively denounced content. These contents were well positioned on the expression ”Netlinking” on Google. Below is a capture that identifies the winners and losers of this manipulation. Winners and losers of DMCA takedown request actionWinners and losers of the DMCA takedown request action – Source: @mickaelchallet Concerning us, we went from the fifth position to a complete disappearance on the request ”Netlinking“.

To conclude, To detect and protect yourself from the harmful effects of Negative SEO , the first thing to do is to remain vigilant and alert on all the elements of your site that may be affected by its unethical practices. For example, you can perform regular positioning audits on the most strategic keywords for you. You also use free Google tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console to analyze variations in your website audience. It is indeed with our words that we express our vision of the world and we know that they have the power to act on our thoughts as on our representations. The High Council for Equality has set up a practical guide for communication without gender stereotypes .

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