If you dream of going ahead of your competitor on Google, position zero can provide you with the solution, deciphering an SEO opportunity. What is Position Zero and what is it for? The zero position is a search result positioned in front of the first natural result on Google. It is materialized by a block containing the elements of a web page Vietnam Email List answering a question asked. We speak of an “optimized snippet or featured snippet” . The zero position, therefore, allows Google to respond directly to a question asked by an Internet user, most often during a voice search performed on a smartphone. The terms position # 0 or ranking # 0 also refer to a zero position. Does the Zero Position correspond to all the information displayed by Google above natural links What does a Position 0 look like?

The # 0 positions are therefore the information displayed by Google above the first natural position. When AdWords advertisers are present, the zero position is located below the ads . In the case below, we find in position zero the response to the query “what is a commercial brochure”. The presentation of position # 0 differs from a natural link (also called blue link), the text providing the answer to the Internet user ‘s question is placed above the page title and the URL . zero position commercial labelZero position on the query “what is a commercial brochure”  We find in position # 0 all the results likely to provide answers directly to Internet users. The Knowledge Graph The Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base made up of data aggregated on trusted sites.

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What is Position Zero and what is it for?

It is used by Google to display structured information in the form of a card with links allowing further research. In the example below, Google displays a list of Muse group titles with links to videos. Google Knowledge Graph muse titlesDisplay of Google Knowledge Graph in position # 0 on the query “muse titles” The results from Google Onebox Another form of results is a Google Onebox. It most often takes the form of a specific insert accompanied by: of an image, or symbols. There are several types of Onebox, Google will display the one that matches the nature of the expected results. In the example below, a Onebox appears by typing the query Paris time.

onebox google timeDisplay of Google Onebox in position # 0 on the query “Paris time” Featured Snippets or optimized snippets Featured Snippets are optimized snippets of web pages in search results. Below is Google’s definition: When a user asks a question in Google search, the answer sometimes appears at the top of search results, in a special block that contains an optimized snippet of a page. This block includes a summary of the response taken from the web page, along with a link to that page, its title and URL. Source: Google Here’s what an optimized snippet might look like: featured snippetFeatured Snippet – Zero Position – Source Google An SEO opportunity? The zero position represents a visibility opportunity for a web page.

What does Google display in zero position?

Internet users in fact prefer the first results . Position # 0 allows you to be featured on Google on a query without being in the first three natural results. If you have, for example, a sixth position on Google, it is possible to come out in position # 0. This SEO opportunity still has a flaw. If appearing in position # 0 is an excellent thing, the display of the position is designed so that the user most often has the answer to his question. Clicking on the link to find out more is therefore not systematic. In the example below, the extract displayed in position zero partially answers the question. In this case, the Internet user will certainly want to click for more information, but this is not always the case.

zero position graphic chart featured Snippets in position zero on the query “that contains a graphic charter” You can also find in Position Zero a presentation that could be described as a hybrid. In the example below, Google displays in Position 0 a text extract from Wikipedia associated with a visual from the anthedesign.fr site. POSITION ZERO BACKLINKS WIKI ANTHEDESIGN How to place a link in Position Zero? To make a web page of your website stand out in position # 0, certain criteria must be respected. Here is a non-exhaustive list : The page should preferably be positioned in the first results of Google Its charging time must be below average The page must include a short answer to the question asked by the Internet user The editorial content should be unique, quality and if possible count approximately 1000 words The main query.

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