Google calls them “search result features”. In fact, this search engine offers several appearance options for displaying search results. These options set your web page apart from those of your competitors and put it in the spotlight. In this article, let’s find out about the main SERP features and how to get one. What is a SERP Before understanding what a SERP feature is, it is necessary to first know what a SERP is. The acronym SERP stands for “  Search Engine Result Page  ”. It is a search engine results page. This page is displayed in Google when an Internet user enters a request . More specifically, a Google SERP corresponds to the page that appears when you look for information and which presents the results found .

There are two main parts of a SERP: The search box which contains the search performed and a possible suggestion in the event of Cuba Email List an entry error. The results zone: this zone contains the results which correspond to the search carried out. Each result has a URL that leads to the web page that offers this result, a title ( meta-title ) and a short description ( meta-description ). There are also images , videos, and ranking stars. The results displayed in a SERP are classified into three categories: Organic results These are results that appear naturally in the SERP . They are chosen and ranked by an algorithm according to their relevance.

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Displaying results in a SERP

They do not require compensation from you. These were the only results that appeared in Google during the first years of its appearance. So far, their display has not seen any major changes. Sponsored results Appeared later in the SERPs, these are results that Google displays in exchange for remuneration. They rank at the top of organic results and are ranked according to: the cost per click , the number of clicks, relevance, and competition. In short, it is Google Ads . SERP functionality: an example with the communication agency request example of a SERP functionality with the request “Communication agency”. SERP features These are additional results that Google displays in a different way than organic results.

As Google evolves, it comes with new features to display certain results in a special way to differentiate them from other results displayed on its search results pages . They are interactive panels, visual elements. As a general rule, anything that shows up outside the standard on the SERP is likely a SERP feature. Along with paid ads, these SERP features highlight the page and enrich the user experience during search. The Google Search automatically generates some of these types of results, but most can be achieved by implementation through the site code. There are a large number of SERP features that you can aim for. Among the most popular are: Enriched extracts Still called Rich Snippets, they add additional data to classic Google results to enrich them.

Why get SERP features?

The most famous Richs Snippets are events, recipes and reviews. They usually contain a blue title, the page URL in green, and an image or description of the page. Universal results They show up in SERPs in addition to organic results and have additional media like image results, featured snippets of new results. Paid results They are bought by auction on specific keywords (Google Shopping or Adwords) and appear according to: the maximum amount of the auction, of its click-through rate and its relevance. They can occupy up to four spaces at the top of organic results. Knowledge graph Still called Knowledge Graph , it appears in the form of a panel or map and contains relevant information on the topic. Its display is generally triggered when the research relates to: a place, A brand, a movie, a famous person, etc.

SERPs are arenas in which several SEO strategies compete against yours for the top spot in the rankings . In reality, the importance of the positioning of a web page in the results displayed by Google is the same as that of the location for a physical store in a city. But in addition to the position of the page in the displayed results, the way these results are displayed is also very important. By adding search result functionality to your web pages , you give the search engine the ability to display them in eye-catching formatting . SERP features encourage Internet users to visit your pages and interact more with your website. On Google Search Center, you can read the following information: By adding SERP functionality to 100,000 pages, Rotten Tomatoes saw a 25% higher click-through rate on pages that contain structured data.

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