Creation of a strong visual identity (graphic charter, logo, etc.) In short, a major opportunity to give your digital strategy a big boost ! And now, we take action? Specialized in the management of digital projects , the digital agency SQUIRREL listens to your needs. Our areas of expertise: mobile and web application creation customized , the digital communication strategy , the graphic design , the design showcase site and e-commerce on WordPress , the communication on social networks, the SEA, the SMA and the creation of content quality. The year 2020 was marked by a slowdown in economic activity. Many companies have seen their sales fall. Those who have been able to maintain their activities are those who have been able to adapt, in particular thanks to digital tools.

It is in this context that the Réunion Region has redirected Le Chèque numérique Réunion for 2021. The aim is to stimulate business activities after this Singapore Phone Number List unprecedented crisis. Find out everything there is to know about the digital check in our article! Summary The Digital Check: for whom? The investments possible thanks to the Digital Check Meeting The steps to follow The role of digital service providers, solution providers The Digital Check: for whom? The digital check is a regional device financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The objective is to “repair the damage following the crisis” and prepare for an economic recovery. This aid is intended for companies with less than 20 employees (TPE) registered in the Trade and Companies Register or in the Trade Register .

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And their head office must be in Reunion Island. In order to be eligible for the Digital Check, companies must meet certain criteria: For those with 0 to 9 employees, turnover must be lower and capped at € 500,000. For this category, 80% of the expenses incurred are eligible and the maximum grant is € 3,200 . For those with between 10 and 19 employees, the turnover must not exceed € 1,000,000. In this situation, only 50% of expenditure is eligible and the aid ceiling is set at € 2,000 . Among other things, the following can also benefit from: Associations with less than 10 employees Unregulated or similar liberal professions whose turnover does not exceed € 500,000. Importantly, companies working in the digital domain cannot benefit from the aid.

The investments possible thanks to the Digital Check Meeting According to the 2020 edition of the CCI and La Médiamétrie study , nearly 80% of Reunion Island users have already bought on the Internet. And 72% do not have a preference between local Reunion Island websites and other sites. Regarding the average basket, it was 117 euros, excluding travel and tourism, in 2020. And during the confinement, 26% of Reunionese internet users made at least one purchase . Thus, going on the web represents a real opportunity to develop your business in Reunion Island. Meeting digital check The Digital Check is intended for specific categories of expenditure.

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Consequently, they are listed by the Region and the amount of subsidy is capped for each type: Website creation / redesign: € 1,200 Creation of a commercial site: € 2,000 Chat Bot: € 2,000 Mobile application development: € 2,000 Social media presence development service (community management): € 1,000 Support for the digitization of content (photo credits, web design, logo-graphic charter, etc.): € 2,000 Security services (security audit, securing websites, securing data, etc.): € 1,000 Subscription to a “marketplace”: € 1,000 However, referencing services and online advertising are not included (Google ADS, Facebook Ads, etc.). Indeed, this was possible in 2020 but this option was not renewed for the year 2021.

The steps to follow In order to benefit from the Digital Check, you must create a grant application file . The applicant must obligatorily propose two quotes for the call for competition. But he specifies the provider with whom he chooses to work. The estimate is important because it serves as the basis for calculating the amount of the grants. 3 different documents must then be sent: the identification form , the service provider commitment form and the action plan form annexed to the estimate. The action plan specifies the objectives of the project and the planned actions. Thus, it is essential in this context to choose the right service provider for the implementation of your project.

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