A backlink is an inbound link to your website, how to increase your popularity with backlinks? ZEN READING backlink backlinksUpdated April 20, 2021 Definition of a backlink A backlink or BL or incoming link is a hypertext link placed on a page of a website A which points to a page of a website B. Under certain conditions, a backlink  Madagascar Email List  circulates Google Juice (Google juice) from page A to page B. The quality and number of backlinks pointing to your website should be monitored to improve your popularity and visibility. Image example of an incoming link to the AntheDesign site: Backlink AntheDesign The The anchor of a link is the visible and clickable text, it determines which term the landing page will be associated with.

Getting quality backlinks in large numbers to one of your web pages increases its popularity and visibility. A web page receiving good backlinks ranks better in search engines than a similar page without inbound links. In fact, and since the birth of the web, obtaining backlinks has often been one of the pillars of SEO strategy . Netlinking, the SEO backlink In an SEO strategy , obtaining a backlink is achieved in two different ways. Naturally : We talk about a natural backlink when a user who likes your content decides to talk about you by pointing a link from one of their pages to one of yours. A natural link is also a link without any consideration on your part and without a return link. Obtaining natural backlinks is part of a netlinking strategy.

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What does a backink look like? (inbound link)

In a netlinking strategy : A netlinking strategy consists in obtaining quality inbound links by selecting the domains at the source of the link (s). The goal in a netlinking oriented SEO strategy is to get links from pages with high PageRank or Trust Flow . For netlinking or backlinking to be effective and sustainable, a series of criteria such as the variety of source domains and their themes must be respected. So we have the natural backlink on one side and the SEO backlink on the other. In both cases, check that the back link does not bear the mention “nofollow”. Typically, Google does not follow nofollow links and PageRank is not transmitted. Using the “nofollow” attribute leads Google to remove targeted links from its index. How to check the presence of your backlinks?

Getting backlinks or doing everything to get them is a good introduction to netlinking. You must then be able to check regularly that the links obtained are still in place. Also check for naturally gained and lost links. Free webmaster tools like Google Search Console give you a first impression of which domains and pages are linking to you. links-to-anthedesign-google-search-consoleLinks to the anthedesign website on Google Search Console Not all backlinks are visible in Google Search Console . For SEO managers, paid tools such as Majestic SEO allow you to have a much more complete inventory to analyze your netlinking, your link profile and your notoriety ( Citation Flow and Trust Flow). Majestic offers, for example, a tool called Backlink History Checker : it compares the rate of counting backlinks for your domain and that of 5 competing domains.

What is a backlink used for?

majestic-Backlink-History-CheckerAnthedesign site on Majestic Backlink History Checker (check backlinks) To conclude Obtaining or creating quality backlinks is essential for the visibility of your website . An effective and sustainable link building is a good point in any SEO strategy. You still have to be able to determine what a good backlink is! And if you want to link to this article, don’t hesitate!Is the SSL and SEO duo a winner? Response with a capture from Google Analytics! comparative-hearing-2015-before-after-sslAudience of the AntheDesign website before and after the SSL certificate SSL and SEO source analytics Before installing the SSL certificate: from June 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015.

11,636 sessions After the installation of the SSL certificate: from October 1, 2015 to October 30, 2015: 18,793 sessions Six months after installing the secure connection: 43,875 sessions (update of 02/17/2016) That is to say an increase in attendance of 56.44% of organic origin between the month of June and the month of October 2015. Update 02/17/2015 Conclusion of the SEO and SSL experience The increase in traffic on our site has been constant since its creation, this increase in traffic of more than 50% is therefore not linked only to the installation of the SSL certificate but we believe that it is a good bonus and the duo SSL and SEO is declared a winner! We have since advised all our prospects and customers to switch their sites to HTTPS .

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