Indeed, although there are other search engines, positioning on this one is in a way an obligatory passage since it holds 90% of the market share in this matter. If you want to boost your natural referencing, you must therefore take care to implement “Google-friendly” web marketing practices. One of the other solutions is also to use the Nigerian Email Database tools provided by the search engine itself to improve the visibility of websites. Here is a list of Google tools that you can use to improve the SEO of your website.  SEO should not make you neglect local SEO. This practice consists of positioning a website in the search results pages of engines that correspond to maps, names, or physical addresses of companies or businesses.

When we know that Internet users’ requests are more and more localized (in particular by means of the geolocation inherent in mobile search) it is obvious that a company that wishes to be visible online must also implement a local SEO strategy. . This is also what the Google My Business tool offers . It is a free service, with which you can manage and develop your visibility locally. For physical establishments that welcome visitors daily and businesses that have a catchment area, Google My Business also makes it possible to appear on Google Maps. In other words, have a Google My Business card allows you to ‘ optimize your placement on local search results. In addition, this tool also gives you access to other functionalities: the analysis of user behavior in relation to your profile for example, which allows you to adjust your marketing actions.

Nigerian Email Database

Google My Business: for local SEO

In view of its practicality, it is not surprising that certain specialists in natural referencing such as Josselin Leydier qualify Google My Business as being “an essential tool in a local referencing strategy”. anthedesign-referencement-use  Google Search Console is undoubtedly the most used Google tool for SEO optimization of a website. It offers the advantage of being free. Since the redesign of its interface in 2017, its handling is accessible to everyone, and no longer just to webmasters. This Google tool allows you to find out more specifically about the frequency with which indexing robots visit your website.

Depending on the result, you can then plan future corrective actions and improve your SEO . You can also use Google Search Console as: a tool to check whether the search engine is indeed controlling your content know the most frequent requests in the search detect the most used keywords to find your site know the number of URLs of your site indexed by Google identify site and URL errors, including security issues. Note that this is only a non-exhaustive list of the possibilities offered by this tool. Google AMP: for mobile-friendly A web page optimized for SEO must have provided a format that allows navigation on mobile. This is one of the criteria required by Google to be well-positioned. From this perspective, you can therefore use Google AMP .

Google Search Console: to monitor Google robots

It is a free solution offered by Google which is intended to provide faster mobile browsing to websites. Google does not impose this format. However, we have to admit that a site in AMP format will necessarily benefit from better natural referencing. It will be more easily visible, generate more clicks, and load very quickly. However, according to the digital performance consultant Josselin Leydier: “Google AMP makes it possible to design more“ mobile-friendly ”internet pages (…) contributes positively to the natural referencing of the latter. But that’s not the only factor that can help you get your page prominent on the top SERPs. SEO techniques must also be used. ” Google Analytics: to analyze website traffic Google Analytics is also one of the essential tools when it comes to improving SEO.

Its role is to allow the complete analysis of your website traffic. The data obtained will allow improvements in the SEO strategy more generally. Google Analytics provides information on: the number of visits obtained on your website, the number of pages visited by Internet users the queries that were used to lead to your site the origin of visitors the duration of each user’s visit bounce rate, etc. Finally, be aware that Google Analytics is also free. anthedesign-referencement-use-natural-booster Google Ads: to better identify keywords Google Ads is a keyword planner designed for analyzing search engine terms. It can come in handy when looking for new keywords that match your business. Indeed: it also makes it possible to see the relevance and the search volume of the terms used .

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