The digital transformation is a concept emerged from the arrival of the Internet. This involves digital tools allowing the optimization of your business processes. Digital transformation is not a frozen process from A to Z! It must be tailor-made because each company is Malaysia Phone Number List different. But concretely, what is a digital transformation? Summary  The redesigned customer management process Even today, many companies do not really know what this means exactly. The digital transformation means transforming all aspects of the business. This concerns all levels, whether in processes, organization or even sales. The digital transformation must foremost be understood by the entire leadership.

We often talk about strategic vision! The objective is to carry out internal introspection work to identify areas for improvement. Each member of the management committee must be fully aware of the issues involved in a digital transformation . Human dimension through digital transformation The human dimension is also important in terms of digitization. Indeed, employees are active players in the transformation. It means including them in the process and training them. All members of the box must share the same vision. Internally, it is therefore necessary to raise awareness and motivate the teams. We have to make sure that everyone is aware of the path the company is taking. This is the first step to better manage your digitalization .


A Shared And Understood Vision

In a digital transformation, the human resources pole should be the pillar of this transition. The overhaul of internal processes will change the usual operating methods. The function of HR will therefore be to reorganize the skills of your company. HR processes change, from recruitment to job allocation. There is also the management of payroll, vacation etc. The HR department must then establish a panel of available internal skills. Then he reorganizes them by breaking up the silo operation. Indeed, this operating mode is not optimized for productivity. Thus, companies tend to favor more and more collaborative work. This solution is a guarantee of creativity, productivity and flexibility. Having employees aligned around common objectives increases responsiveness and agility in the face of demand.

Crossing knowledge and skills also allows workers to train among themselves. With the decompartmentalization of services, they will better understand the work of their colleagues. It also promotes autonomy. With the right tools, you can automate unnecessary work and thus limit the number of potential errors. In the current environment, for many companies, coming to the office to work is no longer an obligation. Are you open to the implementation of teleworking in your company? Teleworking has been on the rise in recent years and allows you to work anywhere. Cloud solutions tend to favor teleworking and serve as a guarantee in the storage of data.

A Restructuring Of Skills

Have you ever had a transport problem, for example? No one is safe from any unforeseen event! This solution makes it possible to work in the same circumstances as in a company. All in a climate of trust. For the HR function, it will be easier to consider a training plan. Hiring new skills is also a good initiative. The redesigned customer management process In an ultra-competitive world, customer management is essential. Prospects have endless choices available to them, so you have to stand out. In this context, it is necessary to take into account the customers and their needs. It is necessary to establish the profile of the typical customers and their consumption habits. It is necessary to analyze all the information concerning them to address each person at the right time.

The level of maturity differs according to the individuals, they are at different stages of the purchasing journey. Some are ready to buy while others are still new to the business. In this context, customer management is a significant lever for growth. It brings together 3 essential elements: Marketing The sale The customer journey digital agency mobile development ios android In general, the marketing and sales departments operate in silos. This means that they are not always aligned with common goals. So these teams must together determine the customer journey to understand the function and role of each. Thanks to customer management tools like CRM, everyone can follow the customer in his journey. The relay between the marketing department and the sales department will be done at the most optimal time. Thanks to this, it will be easier to complete the course.

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