Finally, another essential point of our working philosophy is that we do not compromise on quality. As much as we adapt to the customer, his environment, his universe, but we never reduce the quality of our service to satisfy certain constraints. We are in a constant Albania WhatsApp Number List search for quality and excellence, and this is naturally the only thing on which we do not compromise. Our technical service: Our technical teams intervene very early in the realization of the project. This is for several reasons: firstly, we sell a mainly technical service, so our technical teams are asked fairly quickly about the feasibility of a project, its estimate in terms of time, respect for deadlines and the cost of our offer.

In addition, the technical teams will be present throughout the project, which is why we have chosen to include them from the start and directly to avoid intermediaries. 1. The Kick-off The first step in the technical process is for us to organize a kick-off with the client, which brings together all the stakeholders of the project. This kick off allows us to: Immerse yourself in the brand’s universe. Its history, its image, its identity. Immerse yourself in the product and the project. Its specificities, the creative work carried out, when possible and necessary we also like to visit the production workshops.

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This Period Was Marked By A Shift From Manual Production

Getting to grips with the brand really allows us to understand its challenges, its specificities and its strengths, in order to be able to best transcribe it and implement the will of the company. Set up the project structure and the communication process. Present the key stages of the project, our methodology, validate the schedule. Identify the different stakeholders and distribute the roles. The department responsible for data, validation of renderings, project management, integration and the web app,…. 2. Data collection One of the most active phases for the client is without doubt the data collection.

We list / collect all the data necessary to start the project. Thus the customer can internally request the poles concerned to provide them to us (technical specifications, 3D models, product guidelines, etc.) 3. Product modeling The most opaque phase for the client and also the one that seems to him the longest. We start by modeling the requested products. In some cases we create the 3D models ourselves, in a high quality rendering and experience (no latency). Olivier: 3D designer 4. Uploading the project Once the modeling is finished, we import it into our visualization tool. This posting on our tool allows the customer to visualize the modeling of his product. This step is key, because from this moment the customer can: Almost real-time monitoring of the progress of the project, since each new version is visible on our tool and it is notified.

To Manufacture Using Machines Mainly Powered By Steam And Water .

In this way, he can point out errors or corrections to us, which allows us to be reactive and to rectify them. It is also from this moment that the customer can start the integration. He can test by implementing on his test, pre-production or dev environment. Finally, this is also where the validation process begins. 5. Validation methodology Our validation methodology is broken down into 4 major, interdependent steps: Modeling validation: the customer validates the modeling of his products Lighting validation: the customer validates the light and reflection parameters carried out on each of his products Validation of materials.

the customer validates the rendering and completeness of the different materials, colors and customization possibilities for each of his products. Validation of the final rendering. For each of its validation steps, we must not forget that in time the customer had access to the visualization of his models on our tool, and that he is notified with each new release to make his corrections. Thus, at the end of each step we aggregate all the modification requests to correct them and have them validated BEFORE going to the next step. It is crucial for the project that each previous step is validated before moving on to the next. Additionally, we organize a weekly point with the client.

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