Among all the SEO techniques, three of them represent the main levers for the acquisition of qualified traffic as part of your SEO strategy. You will find them below. Optimizing the editorial content on the pages of your website is one of the Seychelles Email List most important SEO techniques , if not the most important. During a question-and-answer session on the occasion of the presentation of RankBrain by Google , Andrey Lipattsev , Search Quality Senior Strategist for the search engine notably cited it first among the criteria which define the search results. It is indeed the content that tells search engines the subject of each page of a website.

But beware, search engines are equipped with artificial intelligence that can detect fraudulent and low-quality content. You must therefore exclude from your site all content optimized only for search engines. To meet both SEO needs and Internet users’ expectations at the same time, content optimization then requires real writing skills. In particular, a web editor can help you accomplish this task brilliantly.  The netlinking is a trading strategy and collection of links (backlinks) between multiple websites . This SEO technique increases the relevance of a search engine to your website. The more quality links a site receives, the higher its notoriety and relevance. In fact, search engines evaluate your popularity based on what other sites think and say about you.

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First SEO technique: content optimization

The algorithm Google will ask the following questions: How many sites are talking about you? Are the sites that talk about you popular themselves? What are they talking about in their own content? In order to acquire links to your site, you have the option of doing so in a natural way. That is, letting other sites come to you over time and with the quality of your content. This SEO technique is called linkbaiting and it is the one to favor. Otherwise, you can start a proactive backlink research process , with link exchanges or sponsored link creation. Regarding the exchange of links, it is necessary to favor non-reciprocal exchanges. You also need links as high as possible in the text content.

Third SEO technique: Google Rankbrain and keywords RankBrain is an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm used by Google to sort search results . RankBrain fine- tunes Google’s algorithm by itself and thus allows the search engine to better process and understand Internet users’ requests by having some of its code automated. The main objective of RankBrain is in particular to better understand the meaning of keywords in the content of websites. It also analyzes the search queries and the search intentions of the Internet user. RankBrain is also able to measure search engine user satisfaction.

Second SEO technique: external linking or netlinking

Like a human, RankBrain tries to figure out what you mean. One of the main SEO techniques then consists of correctly targeting your keywords for each page of your website to be referenced . You must, in fact, choose your keywords well using different strategies, but also avoid using too different keywords on the same page. This natural referencing technique represents a lot of work and therefore represents a high investment. This investment will however be largely rewarded by the increase in the level of traffic generated.

The implementation of these three SEO techniques is essential to capture traffic on search engines. To make these SEO techniques effective and sustainable over time. You must first make sure that the technical base of your site complies with Google’s recommendations. Do not hesitate to carry out a technical audit of your website before embarking on an SEO campaign. Only an SEO friendly site will allow you to meet your objectives!

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